Get the Look for Less: Handcrafted Designs for Laminate

Transform your space with one-of-a-kind design that doesn't break the bank.

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Marble & Stone vs. Laminate

The allure of marble, granite and quartz is appealing, but it's important to know the full picture when you're making the decision to opt for stone or laminate. Not only are marble and real stones more expensive on the front end, but they're also harder to maintain. Most need regular deep cleaning and sealing, and their porous nature can make them susceptible to stains and bacteria. Ultimately, they end up costing you more money to upkeep, as well.

Laminate is easy to clean and maintain, and only needs a clean, damp cloth and mild detergent to wipe down. It's also incredibly durable, non-porous and stain resistant. Once it's installed, your upkeep budget is minimal, and it is available in the latest trending designs, including beautiful, handcrafted patterns.

The Collection

The 2020 Living Impressions™ Collection adds artisan-inspired surfacing to Formica's laminate lineup, with five new 180fx® designs and one new Formica® Laminate pattern.

  • The Watercolor Series
    An artist’s watercolor design mimics the look of marble with soft gradations and delicate watery veining. The two watercolor patterns are Porcelain, a subtle blending of gray and beige, and Steel, a moody mix of warm and cool grays.
  • The Painted Marble Series
    Water and oil combine to create the natural movement of marble, including a Black Painted Marble that merges shades of black and gray with white, and a White Painted Marble that leans into the stunning tone-on-tone trend.
  • Calacatta Cava
    The newest addition to the Formica Group white marble collection, this pattern delivers the subtle veining of natural stone in shades of warm gray and taupe.
  • Black Bardiglio
    The solo Formica® Laminate pattern, Black Bardiglio is a fine-grained marble that's perfect for those who want a darker, more dramatic look.

Photo by: Formica


Inspired by Lifestyle Trends

These patterns were inspired by of-the-moment materials that are making a big impact in home design, and are grouped into palettes reflecting the latest home trends.

  • Artisan and Handcrafted Elements
    As people look to artisanal makers and embrace handmade elements in the home, the Watercolor Series embraces the personal nature of artwork and the modern-meets-traditional aesthetic. Balance the look with the Natural Gray Felt, Blue Felt and Green Felt patterns.
  • Black and White Pairing
    This never-goes-out-of-style combination creates the just-right contrast in any space. The simple elegance of The Painted Marble Series is complemented by the Aluminum, Stainless and Black Birchply patterns.
  • Neutral Colors and Subtle Patterns
    Simple and refined, natural beauty rises to the top and creates a classic sophistication found in the Calacatta Cava and Black Bardiglio patterns. Perfect pairings for these two are the Layered White Sand, Layered Sand and Layered Black Sand patterns

A Curated Look

Traditional with a modern twist, these style-forward designs are right on-trend but with timeless appeal that will last for years to come. Order free samples to see how these new options will look in your home. Whether you opt for one surface or a perfectly compiled mix of patterns, you get a high-end look no matter your budget.

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