Made Simple

Garage Rescue presented by Castrol

Your garage is where you develop projects, perfect your crafts and fine tune engines. It's where you put in the work that will help you achieve performance on the road and in life. Discover how to maximize every inch of your garage so that you can fully enjoy your passions.

Clear It Out

First things first. Grab supplies to start your decluttering: trash bags, storage bins, boxes for donations and cleaning supplies. Then, set aside a day or weekend to go through your garage. Get rid of items you no longer need – trash or donate – and sort like-items together so that you can move to the next steps. While your garage is emptied out, take the time to sweep it out and clean up any spills.

Think About Your Passions

Use your garage as an extension of your home, especially if your hobbies lean more toward a garage-friendly space. If you enjoy working on your car, then you know your car's performance starts in the garage. Make sure you are giving your vehicle what it needs to perform great. Start with Castrol® motor oil.

If you need a spot to lift weights, create a corner gym. If you love being outside in your yard and garden, install a potting bench and a place for your wheelbarrow.

Get Inspired

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Devise A Plan

Take a look at the groups you're keeping and categorize them: car maintenance, sports equipment, gardening tools, woodworking, etc. Utilize your categories to come up with zones for a floor plan that works for you and your family. Keep items you frequently use in easy-to-access spots and on middle shelves, while the things you rarely need go on top shelves.

Not only do you need to think about storage, but also consider the maintenance you need to accomplish in your garage. Use your space to get your car prepared for whatever your next adventure is, making room for oil changes and amping up the performance of your car.

Make Room For Your Car

One of our larger investments – our cars – often end up parked in the driveway because our garages are full. Since sun will fade paint and rainwater promotes rust, protect your car from the elements by getting it into the garage. Have an area dedicated to house commonly needed tools, such as sockets, pliers and air compressors, as well as maintenance products, like Castrol® motor oil. If you need help finding the best motor oil for you and your vehicle's needs, checkout the Castrol® Oil Selector tool.

To keep your car in peak performance, Castrol® leads you through simple tricks and top maintenance tips.

Go Vertical

Max out your storage needs by using every inch available to you. Hang pegboards and hooks to get gardening equipment and tools off the ground, easy to spot and handy to grab.

Don't forget to look up. There are smart storage solutions that suspend from the ceiling for stowing away items you don't need often, such as Christmas decorations and out-of-season sports gear.

Your Home

Most of us find that our garage becomes of catchall for projects we're getting around to or items we don't have space for inside. With thoughtful planning, your garage can be an extension of your home and your passions.