Flower-Stamped Napkin Tutorial

Haeley Giambalvo of Design Improvided shows us how to get creative with celery sticks to create flower-printed napkins for spring.

By: Haeley Biambalvo at Design Improvised for the Chinet® brand

Sponsored content courtesy of the Chinet® brand.

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1. Use a knife to cut off the base of the celery stalk, leaving a few inches. You can use a rubber band to hold the base together to create a flower shape.

2. Use a paintbrush to add craft paint to the top of the cut stalk.

3. Stamp onto a napkin. Repeat with a second stalk in another color. Re-apply paint to the celery stalk between each stamping.

4. Add some leaf details with green paint and a small brush.

5. You can stamp a whole set of napkins and add leaf details in minutes. Then, just let dry!

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