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Today’s homes are becoming a reflection of the unique personality, style and trend preference of the homeowner. From industrial to transitional to eclectic, design options are virtually limitless and a floor can serve as the focal point of a room. When it comes to what’s trending in flooring – here’s what we’re seeing on the horizon.

Dark Fades Into the Light

Red-toned woods may be fading in popularity, along with tropical exotic species, and the trend is moving toward either dark or light color palettes. Light colors are definitely emerging due to their clean look and ability to disguise imperfections and brighten interior spaces. This emerging light category would include natural tones, blonde woods and white washed woods. And gray — it’s here to stay. Dark floors also can make a bold beautiful statement when paired very light walls and white trim. 

Shore Thing

Design and color inspired by the beach, soothing colors in blue and green, sandy neutrals – these aqueous colors as soothing, often with a coastal appeal. Beach colors play an important part in today’s best selling shades of warm browns, whites and the ever-popular grays. Taupe, ivory and subdued tans are reminiscent of the sand and driftwood inspires the use of gray.

Texture is the New Color

Color has always been a force when it comes to design choice, but texture is becoming just as important. Texture is tactile, visually stimulating and adds interest to a room. Texture allows the authenticity of genuine wood grains to come through, and also gives wood-look and stone-look flooring visual appeal and artisan quality, and serves as a rustic counterpoint to homes that are increasingly consumed by technology. While scraped looks remain poplar, they’re being surpassed by wire-brushed wood, which offers a vintage appeal while appearing less aggressive than a scraped floor. Homeowners and designers alike often comment that the weathered or distressed look adds more character to a space.

Into the Woods

It’s not wood – but it sure looks like wood.  Whether it’s sheet vinyl, engineered tile or luxury vinyl tile, the most popular patterns are those that mimic the look of wood and other natural materials. For homeowners seeking natural looking flooring in hard-working rooms like kitchens, laundry rooms, basements or baths, luxury vinyl is a smart alternative. Innovations in technology have brought incredible realism and authenticity to non-wood flooring. Additionally, luxury vinyl offers design flexibility, allowing homeowners to create unique floor patterns such as trellis, herringbone and pinwheel that can add interest and depth to an entryway, hallway or bathroom.

Domestic is the New Exotic

Like local produce and handmade rafts, the trend is buying local and U.S. home grown woods.  Oak is still the most popular but beautiful domestic exotic species include maple, pine and hickory are also popular. Hardwood also is one of the most sustainable flooring types. These floors can last for generations, which makes hardwood a highly sustainable flooring option. Over 90% of Armstrong hardwood is manufactured in the U.S. using local raw materials.

 Wider & Longer Planks

The popularity of wider planks has been on the rise, as homeowners are trading out conventional widths (for more expansive planks, typically between 4 to 7 inches wide. Wider planks represent a return to a more rustic or vintage look. trend toward longer and wider planks and random widths. The wide-width plank creates a sense of openness and space for a rich, sophisticated style that elevates any room décor.

Knotty, but Nice

Celebrate the authenticity of wood….keep the knots, mineral streaks, natural low gloss.  Celebrate the natural look that adds charm and a beautiful aesthetic – things we used to cut out of our lumber, we now retain. A good example of this trend can be seen in Armstrong Flooring’s TimberCuts and TimberBrushed solid and engineered floors, each of which reflect the beauty of hand-crafted artisanship with abundant rustic charm and distinctive character.

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