Design Ideas for Multipurpose Living

Maximize the functionality of your home with double-duty rooms. Discover our favorite design tips for creating versatile rooms for the whole family.

Double Duty

Multifunctional rooms create more social time with your family. Spaces that serve double duty, whether it's a home office that also acts as a cozy living space, a kitchen with a built-in homework station or a dining room that functions as a craft space, allow for plenty of room to be together. 

The Right Color Scheme

Start with a neutral color scheme to maintain a cohesive design throughout your room. A soft gray, taupe or ivory creates a soothing backdrop. Then incorporate two to three other hues with throw pillows, favorite accessories, accent furniture and rugs to round out the color palette. Limit yourself to no more than three shades to instantly give your space a clean, pulled-together look

Flexible Furnishings

Make your space work smarter. A daybed that acts as a sofa, nesting tables that can be pulled out for more workspace, an ottoman that stores toys – furniture that serves multiple needs is essential. And most importantly for family-friendly spaces, choose durable fabrics that hide stains well. Look for wools, cotton blends, microfiber or leather in dark shades and patterns.  

Light Done Right

Selecting the ideal lighting plays a valuable role in enhancing everyday lives. Layers of light work the best, so include a mix of task, accent and ambient lighting. And make the most of your lighting choices with the right bulbs. Look for dimmable LED bulbs that allow you to customize your room for a variety of tasks. 

Unlike other dimmable LED bulbs, Philips LEDs with a warm glow dimming effect can reduce the brightness of a room but with a warm tone, taking you from everyday functional lighting, to a soft ambiance perfect for an intimate gathering, to a cozy atmosphere when you want to unwind. Plus, with Philips LEDs' 80 percent more energy-efficiency and cost savings, you can feel better about leaving the lights on for every occasion. 

Versatile Living Embraced

Busy families need homes that meet their everyday needs, from school projects to entertaining friends to simply relaxing. With cozy furnishings, décor and lighting, multifunctional spaces allow family and friends to be together in an inviting environment no matter what they're doing.