6 Simple Ways to be a Welcoming Neighbor

Get to know the people who live around you, and create a happy, vibrant community you all enjoy.

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First Things First: Introduce Yourself

Whether you head over the day the moving truck is in the driveway or let them settle in for a week, go over and welcome your newest neighbors to the street. It's easy to forget names so help them out by writing down your name and contact information on a sheet of paper. Another easy and friendly idea is to draw a simple map of the houses on your street with the names of each neighbor as a quick reference guide.

Surprise Them with Snacks

Moving is a lot of work, and your new neighbors probably won't have a stocked kitchen yet. Bring over bottles of water and a yummy snack when you introduce yourself. If you're giving them some time to settle in before heading over, bring them dinner one evening. An easy casserole and salad are thoughtful, and they'll appreciate not having to cook after a long day of unpacking.



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Host a Laid-Back Neighborhood Party

A new neighbor is the perfect opportunity to host a low-key gathering, giving everyone a chance to meet and catch up. Project a movie on the side of a house or sheet, pop some popcorn and have a cooler full of sodas and water. You don't have to spend a ton of money or put on a lavish spread to provide people a place to connect and learn more about each other.

Share Your Favorites

If they're new to town, share a list of your favorite restaurants, parks, places to take kids on rainy days, pet boarding, lawn services and give them the name of your State Farm agent to handle any insurance needs. Make it a part of your neighborhood party with a dry erase board for everyone to share their favorites, too. After the party, email it to everyone in the neighborhood. You may all discover new favorites in your town.

Social Media

If your neighborhood has a social media page on Nextdoor or Facebook, invite them to join, so they'll know about any upcoming activities or changes in the neighborhood.

Create a Community Space or Activity

The neighbors who work together, grow together. Try one of these ideas to create a community, not just people who live near each other.

  • Design a neighborhood garden or work together on the shared lawn spaces.
  • No shared space? No problem. Visit a local nursery when they have a tulip bulb sale and grab some for everyone. Spend a Saturday morning in the fall planting bulbs in everyone's yard, and then enjoy them as a group when they bloom in the spring.
  • Give back together. Organize a volunteer day or a donation drive for Habitat for Humanity.
  • Form a tradition around a holiday, such as a New Year's Eve celebration, Fourth of July picnic, end-of-summer bash or a Halloween potluck before heading out to trick-or-treat.

Good Neighbors Make a Difference

There are so many advantages that come with reaching out and being a good neighbor. Not only do you have people that can check on your house or water your flowers when you're out of town, but you also open up the possibility of developing wonderful relationships and friendships with the people that live right on your street.

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