3 Fun DIY Outdoor Crafts

Super easy paper kites, hanging luminaries, and bug hotels.

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If it’s nice enough to play outside, then it’s time to get crafty. These fun and super easy crafts will keep your family active and happy—whether flying a kite, collecting bugs, or creating some impressive and innovative DIY lighting.


These are lots of fun for the littles! Make several and save them for a windy day.

Lightweight patterned paper
Paper straws
Hot glue gun
Hot glue
Narrow ribbon
Printable kite template


1. Print and cut out this free kite template.

2. Trace the kite template onto patterned paper.

3. Use scissors to cut out the kite shape.

4. Use hot glue gun (adults only!) to attach one straw to the backside of kite widthwise. Hot glue a second straw onto the back of the kite, lengthwise.

5. Tie twine to the lengthwise straw and cut to desired length.

6. Cut an additional straw in half.

7. Tie the end of your cut twine to one of the straw pieces to use as a handle.

8. Cut ribbon into a few pieces to desired length for the tail of the kite.

9. Use hot glue gun to attach the ribbon pieces to the bottom point of the kite.

10. Let dry a few minutes, and you’re ready to fly the kite!


Upcycle some tin cans and suspend them around your party. These luminaries add a surprisingly beautiful ambiance to your outdoor evening gathering.


Tin cans (new or used)
Drill + small drill bit (or a hammer and a nail)
Battery operated votive candles
Ribbon for hanging


1. Decide on a pattern for your luminary. Design your own or print our star, moon and heart templates. Hold can firmly and steady drill holes using a small drill bit. (Adults only for this step.) No drill? Don’t feel like drilling? Just use a hammer and a nail to make the holes!

2. Be sure to make holes on either side of the can’s top opening for ribbon/hanging.

3. Push ribbon through hanging hole and knot inside can.

4. Tie a bow at desired length, then push end of ribbon through the opposite hanging hole and knot to secure, creating a loop. Insert votive and hang.


Insects are fascinating! Kids will love these simple-to-make bug hotels—they’re like little windows into the wonderful world of bugs.


Glass jar
Spray paint
Small hole punch
Jute twine
Printable bug hotel tags (optional)


1. Cut a piece of screen large enough to cover the opening of your jar.

2. Spray paint screen with desired color.

3. Using jar lid insert as a template, cut screen in a circle for the lid.

4. Insert screen into lid.

5. Print and cut out bug hotel label.

6. Use small hole punch to add a hole for hanging.

7. Thread jute twine through hole in label and wrap twine around the neck of the jar several times.

8. Add leaves, sticks, a few drops of water and other natural elements to the jar, and then it’s time to start collecting bugs!

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