11 Million People Depend on This Bed for Quality Sleep

Why 11 milion people's lives are now improved thanks to Sleep Number.

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To Sleep Number®, mattresses are about more than something you sleep on. Because you spend one-third of your life in bed, quality sleep is as important as diet and exercise to your overall well-being. Quality sleep isn’t just for the eight hours you’re asleep; it’s for the 16 hours you’re awake. On a mission to improve lives by individualizing sleep experiences, Sleep Number® just passed a milestone of improving the lives of 11 million people who now sleep on a Sleep Number® bed


  • "I am a poster child for Sleep Number. I tell everybody about it. The transformation was almost instantaneous. I wasn’t grouchy and irritable in the morning. I felt more patient and peaceful. I was more compassionate. I told my friends, ‘A Sleep Number bed could save your marriage.’ As a couple, we had never realized that sleep played such an important role in making everybody calmer and happier. I love it so much that I even brought one to Japan for my son when he was stationed there with the U.S. Navy. I told him, you’ll never find anything better than a Sleep Number bed. Shortly thereafter, I lugged a Sleep Number mattress in a cardboard box through customs in Japan, then stuffed it in a tiny car and then assembled it in my son’s apartment. When my son relocated to Spain, the bed went with him. And he’s going to take it to Cambridge, England, when he goes there to study next year." Insider, Kendra Madrid
  • "Omg. Last night was our first night with a Sleep Number. Best. Thing. Ever.“ @andreaBsager o​n Twitter
  • "Our new bed is so cool! #sleepnumber I’m legit impressed with it. Spent the last couple weeks dialing in my sleep number. Landed on 50 and I seriously feel so good when I wake up now. I was unsure before purchase, but I’m very satisfied.”@claw_rezo on Twitter.
  • “We have had our mattress for a little over a month now and I can honestly say even with a newborn, I have slept better in the past month than I did my entire pregnancy. It was perfect for my C-section recovery because I could lift up the head on my side of the bed, so I didn't have to struggle getting in and out. I can’t tell you what a difference great sleep on my new bed has made. Life is so much more enjoyable when you’re well-rested. I find I have so much more energy to focus on my family and be at my best for my kids,” says influencer Emily Maynard.  [read more in her blog post here]

To learn more visit www.sleepnumber.com.

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