The White Room Challenge: Trip to the Flower Shop

See the designs and behind-the-scenes photos from The White Room Challenge as four designers transform their all-white rooms using more than 1,500 flowers in out-of-the-box ways.
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Floral Inspiration

For this white room challenge, the designers had to bring their all-white space to life using a minimum of 1,500 flowers from the Los Angeles Flower District. Host David Bromstad encouraged designers to think outside the box and let their minds run wild for the greatest design effect (and the chance to win $10,000).

Meet the Designers

From left: Carissa Marson, Matthew Bees, Saadia Kibriya, David Font

Time to Shop!

The designers collected their stems from the Los Angeles Flower District, where they had just 15 minutes to gather all the flowers needed to execute their entire design concept.

Choosing the Right Blooms

It didn't take long for Carissa to seek out some deep purple blooms for the flower boxes in her floral bistro concept. And with the clock ticking, she didn't leave many flowers to spare.

Simple Arrangements

Rather than grabbing some of the more bold and colorful flowers, Matthew stuck with more traditional and neutral arrangements for his elegant keeping room idea.

Bringing the Idea to Life

After painting her walls a bright turquoise hue, Saadia was worried her mismatched selection of flowers was going to clash. She then thought of creating a chevron pattern using lots of white flowers and floral tape. Her idea pulled the flowers into the space and added a stunning textural element to the wall, too.

It's All in the Details

When creating her floral bistro, Carissa knew that every stem counted (and so did every minute). Each flower had to be removed from its stem and individually glued to the wooden frames along the back wall in her room.

Hydrangeas All Around

To cover up the original white coffee table and pull in more — you guessed it — flowers, Saadia covered the exterior of the table in chicken wire and poked the hydrangea stems through to completely cover the table all the way around with blooms.

A Dash of Splash

David finished off his colorful space by carefully dripping lavender paint on the floor straight from the can.

Coffee Table Focal Point

By keeping his room neutral and sophisticated, Matthew knew he needed to create a colorful centerpiece to draw in the judges. He added foam to the top of the original coffee table, then various flowers in pink, yellow and white to create a pattern to serve as the room's primary focal point.

Oversized Flower Power

David's eye-catching wall art instantly became noticed by the other designers, but he became worried that a painted flower wouldn't be enough to wow the judges. He decided to add a colorful, textural element to the center of the giant flower by tying in a collection of live daisy buds.

David's Finished Space: Miami Floral Vignettes

The judges loved David's colorful and inventive design vignette. Rather than simply using the flowers themselves all over the room, he cut off the stems to add some texture along the back wall. "I like what you did on the side wall with that slightly diagonal paint job, and then you replicated that in 3-D on the back," judge Jamie Durie, host of The Outdoor Room With Jamie Durie, said. "You've treated just about every wall with something highly creative."

Charming Sculpture

David wanted to bring variety to his space with colors, textures, flowers and shapes. The greatest use of these concepts is through his floral wall sculpture on the back wall.

At-Home Skills

When originally given the flower challenge, David nervously expressed that he had never handled flowers before. He quickly put his skills as a landscape architect to impressive use by constructing an attractive miniature pergola and tying up baby's breath.

Matthew's Finished Space: Southern Keeping Room

Coming from Charleston, S.C., Matthew wanted to pull in design elements that are traditional and comfortable to him, despite the challenge's call to create something out-of-the-box. He used a neutral paint palette and conventional flowers to create a relaxing living space with Southern charm. "David said to go big and bold, but I like my designs to be a little understated," Matthew said.

Colorful Centerpiece

Matthew's big statement piece is his coffee table flower arrangement in the center of the room. Using white, pink and yellow blooms, Matthew created a patterned display he hoped would pop off the surrounding neutral color scheme.

Upscale Flower Box

Matthew painted and repurposed the original bookshelf into a living room sideboard and filled it with dozens of flowers to create an eye-catching display behind the sofa.

Amp Up the Color

The judges loved the clean and polished look of Matthew's keeping room, but they all agreed it lacked a bit in the color department. They wanted the subtle hints of color from the plants to be a stronger statement within the space.

Floral Sconces

Matthew's creative use of the ivy in the sconces was applauded, but the judges wished he would have taken it to that next level. "I love that you've taken these vertical columns right up the walls. You've used a good mixture of ivy, but I wish you would have been a little bit more courageous," Jamie said.

Saadia's Finished Space: Artist Loft

After leaving the flower market, Saadia had an eclectic collection of flowers to create her design. She started by painting two walls a vibrant shade of turquoise. Unsure of where to go from there and how to integrate her 1,500 stems, she started on a trendy, floral chevron pattern along the back wall, a concept that David loved and wished she would have fully executed.

Metallic Sideboard

Saadia repurposed her bookshelf into a hip sideboard by painting it silver and mounting it horizontally on the wall. She then added some floral-trimmed mirrors to the center for the finishing touches.

Covered in Petals

The judges took special notice of Saadia's sofa covered in rose petals, since she was the only one who used or decorated that particular piece of furniture. David, however, said he wished she would have placed it in front of one of the blue walls for a greater impact.

Diverse Selection

The judges felt Saadia had the strongest paint color choice from all the spaces. And guest judge Chris Lambton, host of Going Yard, particularly loved her fresh and creative use of hydrangeas in the coffee table.

Carissa's Finished Space: Floral Bistro

For her white room challenge, Carissa envisioned a romantic floral bistro, surrounded by flowers and set up as an all-natural table for two. The judges really loved its welcoming, colorful and romantic appeal. "It's really pleasing to look at — it's homey, it's sophisticated, but it's also really inviting at the same time," David said.

Floral Details

Carissa wanted to ensure she pulled in as many flowers as possible to complete her design. While all three judges took note of her extraordinary use of complementary colors, they felt her flower arrangement became a little messy and cluttered around the bistro table.

Architectural Interest

Carissa added eye-catching architectural details, like flower boxes, benches and a center column, to make the flowers pop out even more within the room. Floral frames and flower-covered throw pillows are small accents that help bring the material to life even more.

Tabletop Arrangement

The judges felt Carissa had a clear maturity in foliage and flower, but they wanted to see a cleaner presentation around the table and chairs.

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