Run My Makeover 111: Mismatched Kitchen

Browse before photos of the Fox's kitchen. With a less-than-ideal layout, crooked tile floor and mishmash of appliances, this room needs a total overhaul.

Meet homeowners Greg and Lesli Fox. Their 30-year-old kitchen is ready for a 21st century update.

The builder's-grade wood cabinets are from the 80's. Greg and Lesli would like to replace them with custom-look glazed cabinets that extend to the ceiling to create more storage space.

Greg laid the tile floor himself but unfortunately got a bit off square causing the grout lines to be crooked. They'd like to replace the tile with flooring that is cushier underfoot and easier to maintain.

The appliances are a mishmash of colors and time periods. Greg and Lesli want new, energy-efficient models that match.

With three children under 10, the family's dining room is a hub of mealtime activity. Adjacent to the kitchen, it could use a little updating as well.

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