Run My Makeover 105: Poorly Planned Master Bathroom

Browse before photos of the Trusley's master bathroom. Off-white carpet, dated finishes and a cramped shower and toilet area just aren't working for this family of four.

Meet homeowners Brooke and Josh Trusley. Their spacious but poorly planned master bathroom needs your help to become the relaxing, spa-like retreat the parents of two desire.

The bathroom consists of three seperate areas: a walk-in closet (on the right), small shower/toilet area (at the end) and a long vanity area with dual sinks.

Adjacent to the bathroom's vanity area, the homeowners' walk-in closet could also use some attention.

Compared to the bathroom's massive vanity area, the shower/toilet area is cramped.

Dual sinks are nice but Brooke and Josh dislike the amount of wasted space between them. In their new bathroom, they'd like more space-conscious dual vanities.

Vertical subway tile and polished brass fixtures give this bathroom a dated look.

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