Before and After: A Guest Bedroom Gets a Multifunctional Makeover

Unless you’re constantly hosting visitors, your guest bedroom probably goes unused much of the year. Get the most out of this valuable space by giving it a multifunctional makeover. In an afternoon, we took an extra bedroom and transformed it into an office, yoga/meditation space and fully stocked guest suite all-in-one.

1 Room, 3 Uses

Our final space includes a traditional guest bedroom suite, an office/desk area and a yoga/meditation zone. It's one room, with three distinct uses.

A Blank Palette to Start From

We started with an empty space, minus a bed and an existing neutral rug.

Use a Large Rug in Place of Artwork

We wanted to create a focal point in the space behind the bed, but large artwork is typically very expensive. So we used a simple, affordable flatweave rug instead.

Include Necessities on the Bedside Table

When thinking of your guests, create a bedside table that includes anything they might need. A couple of bottles of water, some coasters, a pen and pad, as well as a spot to store jewelry is a good place to start. Also add a lamp or a sconce to give them some additional light.

Little Luxuries Go a Long Way

Leave a plush robe hanging for your guest in the closet to use while they stay with you. Also include a spot for them to put their dirty towels and linens, like this stylish laundry bag. Stack extra blankets on the closet shelves, in case your guest gets cold.

Create a Guest Caddy

If you really want to make your guest feel welcome, create a guest caddy that includes everything they might need during their stay.

Better Than Any Mini-Bar

You can include drinks, snacks, toiletries, a sewing kit or anything else that you think your guest might need. Customize your caddy for each guest according to their wants and likes.

Make Connecting to Wi-Fi Easy

Make sure your Wi-Fi information is in easy-to-find spot for your guests. We attached a small card with the Wi-Fi password to the guest set of keys, so that our friend or family member would always know where to find it.

Designate a Spot for Remote Controls

Use small vintage dishes like these to keep all the remote controls for the room neat and tidy. This way your guest will easily be able to find them (and have a spot to put them away).

Keep Shoes Handy in a Tray

Leave trays underneath the bed, so that your guest can quickly and easily store their shoes out of view.

Always Leave Your Guests Extra Towels

Make sure there are plenty of extra towels available for your guest. An extra throw at the end of the bed will also ensure that your guest will never get chilly.

Create an Office Space for You and Guests

Add a small desk to your guest room to create a workspace for yourself. While you're not using the desk, keep it clear so that your guest can use it during their stay, too.

An Extra Charger Is Always Appreciated

Leave an extra phone charger for your guest on the desk wrapped with a simple ribbon. Phone chargers are one of the most commonly forgotten items on a trip, so this little touch is sure to be a hit.

Set Aside Space for Yoga and Meditation

Even if you just have a small corner available, you can set aside some space in your guest bedroom for practicing yoga or simple meditating.

Keep Everything You Need Nearby

Gather all your needed supplies in your yoga corner. We gathered yoga mats in a basket and used a wine rack to store water bottles. Small towels, weights and yoga blocks are also close by and easy to grab.

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