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18 of Leanne Ford's Best Looks on 'Restored by the Fords'

By: Jessica Galliart

The former fashion stylist and co-host of HGTV's newest sibling show may inspire some outfit envy with her on-set garb this season.

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Just Jackets 

Leanne Ford’s jacket with perfectly rolled sleeves really seems to tie the room together, eh?

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Tip of the Cap 

Safety glasses are a must for demo day, as are a comfy-cute top and a well-fitted hat for keeping various particles away from one’s scalp.

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Shoes: Why? 

Why clod through a finished space and risk leaving a trace when you could just go barefoot?

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Wear Black, Paint White

Leanne embodies her adopted motto of "Wear Black, Paint White" in this finished space from Restored by the Fords.

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