Pampered Pups From HGTV's Posh Pets

Celebrities and their pets go together like chips and salsa. We may not have Paris Hilton's Tinkerbell, but here are a few HGTV celebs with their beloved canine companions — and a few doggie glamour shots thrown in for good measure.
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Sabrina and Harper

Sabrina Soto, host of HGTV's The High/Low Project and Real Estate Intervention, enjoys a bonding moment with her labradoodle, Harper, in New York's Central Park.

Antonio and Chewie

Antonio Ballatore, of HGTV's The Antonio Project, gets instruction in how to relax from his English bulldog, Chewie. Antonio and Chewie were the subjects in a photo shoot with L.A.-based celebrity-pet photographer Grace Chon as part of HGTV's Posh Pets special.

Portrait in Black and White

Why exactly are bulldogs so photogenic? Science may never be able to fully answer that question. Chewie, however, does his part to contribute to the growing body of photographic evidence.


Frequently in pet-portrait photo sessions there comes a moment when the costumes are brought out — tiny sombreros, for example. Typically the pets are less enthusiastic about this portion of the shoot.

Like Herding Dogs

Beth Stern, host of Posh Pets and the HGTV series Mom Caves, takes the helm with a cadre of seven canine walking companions in New York's Central Park.

Soho Chic

Toby, photographed by pet-portrait photographer Grace Chon

Inquisitive Gaze

Rambo, photographed by pet-portrait photographer Grace Chon

Nonchalance Personified

Lou Lou, photographed by pet-portrait photographer Grace Chon

Rags-to-Riches Story

In a remarkable reversal of fortune, Mei Mei, a rescue Chihuahua, finds herself the guest of honor at a New York "dog debutante" ball — aka The Puputante Party.

Catered Affair

Among the refreshments at the posh New York Puputante Party were pastries and cupcakes prepared by The Bubba Rose Biscuit Company.

Quiet Reflection

Antonio Ballatore and his devoted companion, Chewie, share a pensive moment during the photo shoot with pet photographer Grace Chon.

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