3 Ultra-Trendy Ways to Style Bedroom Windows

Give tired bedroom windows a much-needed boost with one of our designer-inspired window treatment looks. Plus, snag a few tips for dressing the rest of your sleep space too.

Look No. 1: Preppy Chic

This classic, all-American look is easily translated in the bedroom with bold navy blue curtains, pastel green roller shades and pops of bright, preppy color and pattern throughout.


Choose the Perfect Shade

A dark room can help promote better and longer sleep, but doesn't have to sacrifice style. Room-darkening roller shades in bright, pastel hues are a great way to add a pop of chic style and function to your window treatment design.


Add Bold Curtains

Preppy style is all about color and pattern. A metallic curtain rod and navy blue curtains lined in a bold, white Greek key add just the right amount of prep to this window. Designer Tip: Hang curtains at the ceiling to make your room look and feel more spacious.


Pops of Preppy Color

Another staple of classic preppy design? Pops of hot pink, of course! Incorporate this fun hue in small accent elements like finials, throw pillows and side tables.


Tiebacks on a Budget

Don't waste your money on expensive curtain tiebacks. Simple satin lime green ribbon does the trick at a fraction of the cost.


Mix + Match

Tone down a bold hot pink side table with a classic navy blue-striped lamp and pretty white flowers in a soft green vase.


Pile on the Pillows

Plush throw pillows in classic preppy colors and patterns show off a pretty paisley headboard. Designer Tip: Instead of buying a brand new headboard, simply cover an old one in quilt batting and fabric.


Keep It Cozy

This preppy bedroom look is tied together with a navy blue quilt and cozy hot pink throw.


Classic + Fresh

Look No. 2: Serene

Turn your bedroom into an oasis of calm by pairing soft, pretty window treatments with plush bedding and dreamy accents in muted hues.

Start With Simple, Patterned Shades

Want to sleep like a fairytale princess? Roller shades in a dainty olive leaf pattern add pretty, natural interest to windows and help block light for easy slumber.


Layer With White Curtains

Simple white curtains help darken the room, dampen sound and highlight the floral-patterned roller shades.


Accessorize With Natural Materials

Complete the serene look with a natural wood nightstand, fresh flowers and white accessories. Designer Tip: Follow the melon rule for best sleep. Keep clutter at bay by only decorating with items larger than a melon.


Woven Texture + Function

A woven blanket basket hides unsightly cords and offers a pop of texture.

Fluff It Up

Fluffy white and taupe pillows in a variety of weaves and materials are a sweet, cozy complement to serene window treatments.


Fill That Empty Space Above the Bed

The sleepy theme is continued with dreamcatcher-inspired artwork.


Dream in Style

Look No. 3: Global Glam

You don't have to span the globe to pull off a well-traveled look at home. Quench your wanderlust and sleep in style with an eclectic mix of textured window shades, bright coral and gold accents and handwoven decor.

Start With a Woven Shade

Store-bought woven roller shades not only add much-needed privacy in the bedroom, but are reminiscent of authentic handwoven textiles — a hallmark of global design.


Set the Scene With Colorful Curtains

Moroccan-inspired orange curtains add stunning contrast to the muted window shades.


A Well-Traveled Combo

Textured and colorful, this eye-catching window treatment combination anchors the rest of the room's eclectic decor.


Incorporate Collected Items

Gold accessories and hand-punched metal decor add glamorous Eastern flair.


Pull It All Together With Pillows

From tassled and embroidered to colorful and glitzy, decorative throw pillows are a great outlet for displaying your favorite global-inspired looks.


Mix + Match Patterns

The most daring of design styles, global decor doesn't shy away from mixing seemingly dissonant patterns and textures. Try your designer hand by pairing gorgeous Moroccan patterns with colorful striped blankets and throws.


Finish With Art

Natural woven wall hangings and a bold patterned rug complete this well-traveled, eclectic look. Get more global-inspired decorating tips here >>