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Lorraine Bracco Breathes New Life Into 200-Year-Old Sicilian Home on "My Big Italian Adventure"

Ciao, Italia! Lorraine Bracco is moving to Sicily to renovate a home she bought for only one euro — yeah, you read that right — and she’s taking YOU along for the ride with her new series, My Big Italian Adventure. Ahead of the premiere (Fri., Oct. 30 at 9|8c), here’s an exclusive look at her epic renovation journey, and, of course, some of the fun she has along the way.

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Renovation of a Lifetime

Lorraine arrives in Sambuca di Sicilia, eager to find the perfect Italian home. She’s given a VIP tour by the mayor of the town who explains the process behind the one euro houses: homeowners purchase a property for one euro and put down a 5,000 euro deposit, but they need to renovate within three years or lose their money and the house. (Still sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?)

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Family History

Lorraine’s family is Sicilian, and this is her first time visiting the island. She’ll be splitting her time between Sambuca and New York throughout the renovation.

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Friends in Sicily

Luckily for Lorraine, she’s not alone: pals Monica Castellanos and Angie Harmon are on hand to assist with a few of the big decisions (hopefully that includes which local pizza joint to go to). She’s also enlisted an architect, Domenico, and a contractor, Piero, to help make her dream Italian home a reality.

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One Euro House

Lorraine buys a one euro house and snags the house next door — for a cool $50K — to create the ultimate Italian getaway. The only thing left to do? Renovate both homes from the ground up. (Simple, right?)

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