Quick, I Need a Centerpiece! 10 Easy DIY Options That Aren't Flowers

Learn how to give one basic table and modern white plates, napkins and silverware 10 unique looks that are easy to pull together with stuff you may already own. 

Photo By: Brklyn View Photography LLC

Photo By: Brklyn View Photography LLC

Photo By: Brklyn View Photography LLC

Photo By: Brklyn View Photography LLC

Photo By: Brklyn View Photography LLC

Photo By: Brklyn View Photography LLC

Photo By: Brklyn View Photography LLC

Photo By: Brklyn View Photography LLC

Photo By: Brklyn View Photography LLC

Photo By: Brklyn View Photography LLC

Photo By: Brklyn View Photography LLC

Photo By: Brklyn View Photography LLC

Easy Paper Lanterns

Easily created with printer paper, scissors, and tape, these paper lanterns make a modern statement. Each paper lantern is taped around a votive or pillar candle in glass, but you could use basic drinking glasses to create the same effect.

DIY These in 15 Minutes

To make, take one piece of printer paper and fold in half like a hot dog. Cut slits through the folded edge up to 1” from the other edge, like you are cutting fringe.

Unfold the paper, wrap it around a glass, and tape together. (Don’t put open flame inside these paper lanterns in case of fire. Use LED candles for a safer option.

Farmers' Market Inspiration

Those beautiful vegetables in the produce section of your local market with the greens still attached are inexpensive and natural way to bring organic color to your tabletop. Find clear hurricane vases or tall glasses in a variety of sizes, fill with water, and place vegetables inside.

Find What's Fresh

Here we have carrots, radishes, kale, bok choy, and artichokes, but experiment with what your supermarket or farmers' market has in stock. Plus, you can add these veggies to your weekly menu after the party is over. 

Scarf Turned Table Runner

Take a cue from your closet with this scarf table runner. Grab a pretty, patterned scarf that’s made of a lightweight, silk-like fabric. Lay it down the center of your table so the ends drape off the sides. Scrunch the scarf up in the center to give it some body and movement.

Spring Sprouts

Wheatgrass, available at your local health food store, is inexpensive and beautiful on a spring table. Tuck it into an egg carton ready for the recycling bin and you have an adorable, easy-to-make centerpiece. 

How to Make This Cute Table Topper

Purchase a small tray of the pre-grown grass. Cut sections the same size as the sections of a cardboard egg carton. Put the wheatgrassin the egg carton.

After your party, clip the wheatgrass and blend it into your morning smoothies. 

Rainbow Honeycombs

Inexpensive and regularly found at your local party supply store, honeycomb decor is coming back in style. These tissue paper balls are traditionally hung from the ceiling, but you are more creative than that, right? Pile them up along the center of your table. 

Pile Them Up

Use double-stick table for the bottom layer to attach to your table. Then, use hot glue to build the stack of honeycombs as tall and dramatic as you’d like. The honeycombs on the bottom of the pile can be halfway open to create a flat bottom to lay on the table. 

Interactive Party Decor

An interactive decor idea, this painted table runner will get your friends to bring out their creativity before brunch. You’ll need a roll of kraft paper, mason jars, acrylic paint, brushes, paint palettes, and water. Roll out the kraft paper down the center of your table. Paint oversized, abstract flowers on the kraft paper, leaving room for your friends to add their own artwork.

Leave the water, brushes,and paint on the table. When the guests arrive, tell them to fill in the painting with their own abstract flowers. When it’s time to eat, remove the paint and water and your table will be full of beautifully-painted colorful flowers.

Chains, Chains, Chains

Get out your craft skills from 2nd grade and wow your friends with this DIY table runner.

To make it, cut 1” strips of paper. Staple the ends of one strip together to form a ring. Put the end of another strip through your first ring and staple the ends together. Keep on making chain links with the strips of paper until it is long enough for your table. Stack a bunch of strips on top of each other to create height on the table.

Turn Empties Into Table Art

Remember all of those beer and wine bottles you went through at your last dinner party? Keep them to use as decor for your next one.

To get the labels off, soak in warm water and scrub off with a stiff sponge. Let a few taper candles burn all the way down in the bottle to create that dripped wax look.

I love a fun, colored taper candle. Here I used bright pink in brown and clear bottles.

Charcuterie Centerpiece

You're already having a party, so why not use the appetizer as part of the decor! Start with one or two long, thin trays. Place a few types of cheese, two types of meat, dried apricots, grapes, nuts, and breadsticks to completely fill the trays. 

Orange Accents

Some dried orange slices are placed underneath the trays for a pop of color.

Bookshelf-Inspired Design

Time to use what you already own to style an eye catching centerpiece. First, gather all the books you have that have dust jackets. Take the dust jackets off to reveal the solid colored book. Choose 6-10 books, depending on the size of your table, that have a similar color palette. Here I chose linen, gray, white, navy, and red books. Stack them down the center of the table. 

Add Your Favorite Decor Pieces on Top

Now walk around your home and pick up 5-7 small items that are important to you. These can be decorative objects, jewelry, gemstones, figurines, and mementos. Stack those items on top of the books.

You’ve just created a beautifully styled centerpiece completely for free!

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