10 Dreamy Scenes From Island Hunters

These jaw-dropping scenes will have you ready to pack your bags and sail away.
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Melody Key Main House

An exclusive private island, Melody Key is fully equipped with the most state-of-the-art technology. Just one mile off the coast of Florida, this glorious island blends beauty, peace and tranquility with an appealing proximity to the mainland.

Portofino Caye Beach

This stunning island would be the perfect spot to relax and take in Belize's magnificent beauty and island air.

Portofino Caye Main House

Toronto native Bill searches for an island home for his family of four, including his wife Yvette whom he met on a business trip to Belize. Ideally the couple would like an island home that can be used as a family retreat and a gorgeous Caribbean destination for Bill's boat charter business.

Portofino Caye Dining Area

This quaint dining area on Portofino Caye is surrounded by gorgeous sand, tropical foliage and the sparkling Caribbean Sea.

Jewel Caye Aquarium Floor

While searching for the perfect place off the coast of Belize, island hunter Bill just hopes to find a special getaway to share with his family and wife Yvette, whom he first met while on a business trip in Belize. Judging by the irrefutable charm of the Jewel Caye Aquarium Floor featured here, Bill shouldn't have any trouble finding the paradise he's searching for.

Eagle Island Main Lodge

For Boston natives Rachel and Jeff, a quiet, secluded island, away from their bustling city lives, is just what the doctor ordered, and the inviting Eagle Island in Georgia may be the perfect passage for their entrance into island living.

Fanny Key Island

One of the many gorgeous islands off the coast of Florida, Fanny Key island comes with a two-story, three-bedroom house, three docks and of course, stunning views all around.

Marathon Key, Florida

Nestled in the heart of the Florida Keys, Marathon is an island community housing several individual islands, including Boot Key, Hog Key, Knight's Key and several others. The community boasts several restaurants, churches and yearly family-friendly festivals and events.

Boating in the Georgian Bay

Island buyers Patrick and Kathy venture to Minobi Island hoping to find the perfect summer escape.

Sampson Cay Yacht Club

Located in Great Exuma, the Sampson Cay Yacht Club was once a popular resort and marina. It is now a private Bahamian residence for owner John Malone, along with his friends and family.

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