30 Vintage, Architectural Treasures Found on 'Hunting Vintage'

Love a good treasure hunt? We know, scouting and scouring for vintage finds is a thrill. When you spy that rare find that can't be duplicated, it's as if you found that elusive leprechan at the end of the rainbow. Check out these old home gems prospective home buyers found on HGTV's Hunting Vintage, all proving that the digging is worthwhile.

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Make a Toast

A bar in a basement? Why not! This Georgian-style home boasts a refinished basement, complete with a dark wood bar area. 

Bathroom Focal Point

An authentic clawfoot tub is a true gem. Offering a clear practical purpose, one also becomes the standout in any bathroom.

Original Beauty

Gleaming hardwood flooring, a sturdy foyer and a traditional stairwell make this 1989 Victorian home a rare find. 

Secret Finds

Surprise! In one episode of Hunting Vintage, a couple discovers a magenta-colored secret closet hidden behind a room. 

Go Dutch

Forget a basic, boring door. This magnificent entrance, found on an 1896 Dutch Colonial home, shows off the incomparable detail that buying vintage offers.

Dazzle Your Guests

Historically, smaller-sized guest bedrooms were purposelly built in mid-century modern homes to encourage people to congregate in the common areas. A range of colors and patterns make these types of rooms shine.

Wide Open Space

French doors offer a wide opening from the foyer to the dining room. These open glass doors keep the room feeling spacious and roomy.

Personalize It

An original fireplace customized with the family monogram shows off the attention to detail found in vintage homes. This one was uncovered in the basement of a Chicago home.

All in the Details

The gingerbread woodwork in this Queen Ann home, located in Wilmington, North Carolina, is an ideal example of the type of design typical to a Victorian of this era. Look for these kinds of intricate details that make each home one-of-a-kind.

Flip a Switch

Forget a white, plastic light switchplate. Many older homes feature detailed brass or metal versions, like this one found in a late 1920s Colonial revival located in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

An Intricate Ceiling

While the chandelier in this Queen Ann Victorian is probably not original to the home, the bead board ceiling most likely is. These types of details show how well structures used to be made.

Heat in Style

As found in a North Carolina neo-classical revival, this metal heater cover shows off fabulous style that was typical of homes built in the early 1920s.

An Historical Privilege

Spying one of these black signs on a home's front is an immediate clue you've uncovered a treasure. While it comes with maintenance and updating rules per the historical foundation, the presence of a marker from the National Register of Historic Places is a great honor.

Storage Discoveries

One thing vintage homes offer is storage in unexpected places. From hidden rooms to closets underneath the starway, like in this home, homeowners find added storage a huge perk.

Quality of the Handiwork

This vintage barn door is a fine example of old world craftsmanship that is hard to find. Once spotted, you know you've found authentic quality.

Impeccible Preservation

This beautifully-preserved butler's pantry found in a Hot Springs, Arkansas, Tudor is a real scene stealer. The beveled glass serves as a decor focal point for the entire room. 

Take a Seat

When you buy an old home, one of the greatest wishes is if only the walls could talk. A find like this vintage foyer bench, seen in an Arkansas Colonial Revival property, leaves you questioning its original use.

Buyer Magnet

The aesthetic beauty of an historic home is a magnet for many home buyers, as is the often unmatched architecture that has withstood the test of time. The detailed paint work of this 1895 Hot Springs, Arkansas, structure is characteristic of the Victorian style.

Lighting Gems

Original chandeliers and light fixtures are the cherry on top of an already special dessert. Even if they don't match your style, you won't be disappointed if you keep them and make them work with your decor.

Beautifully Restored

Rare Dade County Pine floors were an instant selling point in this restored Key West, Florida, home. Oftentimes it is one property feature that makes a vintage find a must-have.

Dazzling Exterior

If you want something that oozes history, look for a Queen Ann Victorian, like this one found near downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. Before even stepping inside the home, it's easy to tell it is a special place thanks to its open porch, traditional style and historic marker.

Outdoor Seating Spot

A grand porch. Found on this Neoclassical Revival home, this porch begs for glasses of sweet tea and rocking chairs and is a feature that's more difficult to find in modern homes of today.

A Perfect Porch

The oh-so-southern enclosed patio is a perk of this Wilmington, Noth Carolina, home. A space like this can be a huge attraction in a vintage home.

Tiling Options

The color of the bathroom tile in a vintage home is a often a sure sign of the year the house was built. 

Incorporating the Authentic

Celebrate the nostalgic style a vintage home offers, like an original fireplace, chandelier and rose-colored wallpaper. 

Bright Living

An all-white dining room with open sliding doors and tons of windows makes for the perfect spot for someone who wants to feel the outdoors, while sitting indoors. 

Make It Yours

This fun Palm Springs find shows off breeze blocks and window bracketing, features that were part of the original model home. 

Exterior Splendor

Immediate curb appeal. This 1920s brick Tudor dazzles from first sight thanks to the expected design details belonging to a home of this style, including a brick facade and dormer windows.

Added Romance

The colors and patterns you find in a vintage home might not be what you'd pick today. But, when discovered, you often they grow on you. The combination of wallpaper, sage green-painted fireplace and warm lighting give this master bedroom, located in a Massachussetts home, a romantic feel. 

One Sweet Discovery

When these large stained glass windows were discovered on the second floor of a Massachusetts home, the buyers were awestruck. Think twice before passing up these type of features when searching for your own vintage masterpiece.

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