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Home Town: Banquette Dreams and Curing the Homesick Blues

January 08, 2018

In Home Town’s Season 2 premiere, Ben and Erin help newcomers Mackenzie and Jim in their transition from Virginia to their new home in Laurel, Mississippi. The couple has moved several times, are road-weary and homesick. They're eager to put down roots and regain a sense of place and permanence in a new home and a welcoming town. 

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Just Plain Good Folks

Ben and Erin help clients Mackenzie and Jim who are looking for a house with a warm vibe and vintage charm. Mackenzie longs especially for a great kitchen to serve as the heart of the home and that will evoke memories of her family and the house she grew up in.

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The McKibbens House, which had been the home of a local pastor and his wife for about 50 years, is a Craftsman cottage that was built in 1924. It's located on a beautiful oak-lined street in a neighborhood with a historic feel.  It has 2600 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths and listed for $105,000. The exterior is a bit run-down, with a sagging metal awning and a front porch that had been enclosed with glass door and windows.

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Removing the aged awning and opening up the porch made all the difference in helping restore the home's traditional Craftsman appeal. "Getting rid of all that glass makes it possible to actually see and appreciate the porch this house has," said Erin. "I love these Craftsman cottages for the little details," added Ben, "the exposed rafter tails, the brackets. Other exterior enhancements included subtly offsetting the existing trim in a khaki-cream and painting the front door in blue for added punch.

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The enclosed porch felt cold and lackluster, a situation that was not helped by the faded blue indoor-outdoor carpeting.

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