Mikel Welch's Design Portfolio

This set designer and prop stylist wants to bring his common-sense design aesthetic to HGTV.

Mikel Welch

For the Jerseylicious cast reunion show, set designer Mikel wanted to capture the essence of the series — over-the-top animal prints, regal purples and plenty of seating for the large cast.

A Place to Relax

Mikel was asked to create a Zen space for new homeowners. By using warm colors and clean lines, he accomplished this look with ease. According to the homeowners, it is the most comfortable living space they have ever had.

It's All in the Details

Playful details, like this scuptural, hand-shaped shelf, add levity to this sophisticated, Zen-inspired space.

Glamorous and Neutral

In staging model homes, Mikel wanted to create a space with clean, minimalist lines. By using lots of neutral colors to allow buyers to see their style in the space, but used special pieces to highlight the home's best qualities.

Clean Lines

Mikel's staging in this model home kitchen calls attention to the room's best features, like the marble countertops and open floor plan.

Magazine-Worthy Dinner Table

Mikel wanted to give an inspired dining experience when he worked on this photo shoot for an Atlanta Magazine. Bringing in elements of nature — the wood, the leaves, etc — made for a very inviting photo shoot.

Well Read

For inspirational writer and the world’s fastest-talking woman Fran Capo’s appearance on Glam Fairy, Mikel tore pages out of old books and attached them to the walls. The writer’s desk and vintage typewriter filled out the look.

Stylish on the Set

In creating the space for Glam Fairy, Mikel knew that it needed to both look good on TV and be functional, as the cast really would be doing makeovers there.

Finishing Touches

Again, Mikel was called to do prop styling for a Manhattan loft space. The designer had great pieces and lots of splashes of color that Mikel helped pick the perfect placement for.

Lights, Camera, Drama!

For the Jerseylicious season 4 reunion show set, Mikel upped the sexiness factor with more glamorous lighting and very formal lines.

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