Leslie Ezelle's Design Portfolio

Leslie, an interior designer from Dallas, Texas, joins the cast of HGTV Design Star season six. Take a peek at the designs that earned her a spot on the show.
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November 25, 2014

Modern Living Space

When dealing with a beautiful wall-to-wall window view, less is more. It's important not to compete with the view by keeping each decorative choice to a bare minimum.

Modern Casual Patio

With strict instructions to create a patio that was not too girly, the neutral color palette from inside the living area continues to the outside. Custom-made cushions by LeslieChristine Designs combined with lush green foliage accents offset the heavy rich brown patio furniture that provides seating for up to twelve.

Swank Capital Office

This Dallas-based energy investment firm had not developed an office space reflective of the area they focused on. This high-profile firm, managing almost $2 billion in assets, required a masculine yet sophisticated look. Ezelle achieves the look by incorporating neutrals, rich browns and black and gold accents, as well as artwork that's reflective of the companies in which they invest. Swank Capital now has an image that is on par with their reputation as one of the top MLP managers in the industry.

Swank Capital Logo

The Dallas-based energy investment firm logo, which is blue and white, is transformed into a custom-made artistic painting using black-and-white colors to tie into the office color scheme.

Contemporary Office Setting

Inspired by "Set Fire to the Rain" (a painting by Leslie Ezelle 2011), the office has various shades of white in contrast with warm browns, metallic gold and platinum. It's important to have an office with a warm, home environment yet maintain a professional feel. Pictures of energy infrastructure and the firms products are used and presented in an artistic, edgy manner.

Typography Artwork

Ezelle creates custom artwork of Swank products featured in black and white in a shadow box frame.

Swank Capital Office

Before the Swank office served more as a display for various types of ducks. In order to help brand Swank with an image that is reflective of their line of business, Ezelle does a total makeover on the space. Using color images of oil and gas infrastructure in bold heavy frames, reupholstering the chairs in rich velvet brown with stud detailing, this office space is not only functional but is comfortable and visually appealing.

Relaxing Master Bedroom

Combining stone grey, warm earth tones with amethyst lavender accents and bold linens in white, this bedroom becomes a perfect peaceful retreat. The neutral linen covered chair, originally found in someone's trash, is saved and redesigned by LeslieChristine Designs.

Textured Wall

To create a visually interesting wall treatment, Ezelle applies and graphs out a cinder block pattern with a screwdriver on the wall that's made from joint compound. The headboard and throw pillows are custom made pieces by LeslieChristine Designs.

Before: Awkward Layout

Before, this kitchen is tight, cluttered and needs a new layout to make it more functional.

After: Functional and Stylish

This kitchen is reconfigured from a bar that protruded into the space to an open floor plan to increase the working space. In order to make the kitchen feel even larger, a mirror is used on the large vacant wall with two industrial-style light fixtures to become a feature point of the kitchen. New quartz countertops with sleek metallic grey cabinets give the kitchen a contemporary look.

Mod Living Room

Originally, this room had no light and was blocked off by walls to separate living and dining. By adding a sliding glass door and removing dividing walls, the 19x12-square-foot room feels twice as large. All the furnishings are white allowing the bright fuchsia wall to be a focal point of the space.

Restored Furnishings

These two chairs were found in the trash (Ezelle's favorite type of furniture). She had them reupholstered in off-white leather and created a geometric pattern with studs all around the arms. The coffee table is created from a piece of glass that she sprayed a frosted color and two small book cases she laid on their side for extra storage.

Kid-Inspired Artwork

"This framed artwork is an original of one of my kids, framed and sitting proudly in our living room," says Ezelle. Framing and displaying your child's artwork serves not only as a beautiful decorative piece but also as a huge ego-booster to a child's self esteem.

Contemporary Dining Room

This dining room features cornice boards that are constructed from core poster board covered with batting and velvet assembled with a hot glue gun. With a light-weight cornice board, it's much easier to install by simply placing on top of the curtain rods hidden beneath. The Asian-inspired buffet dictates the color and style of this dining room.

Updated Classic

The accordion arm chair is redone in two different available options, in order to give the antique an updated look.

Traditional Stairway and Living Room

This living room's ceiling is over 20 feet high. In order to give the homeowners the cozy space they wanted, Ezelle paints the ceiling a dark chocolate color and added an oversized chandler reflective of the overall style of the home. The staircase is kept simple by two Chinese prints framed by the Frank Lloyd Wright wall sconces. Keeping the color scheme neutral allows for the view of the lake to remain the focal point of the room.

Sea-Inspired Girl's Bedroom

Ezelle uses a combination of various blues and greens along with two custom abstract painting of the sea to give a seven-year-old girl "a room that is the color of the ocean."

Contemporary Bachelor Pad

Ezelle designs a bachelor pad to create a masculine yet seductive look great for throwing parties. This 15x17-square-foot room needed to have lots of space and places to sit. The look is achieved by combining contrasting colors of green ottomans with light furniture and warm browns.

Eclectic and Modern

The gold lamps and the buffet are created by LeslieChristine Designs along with the original art work by Ezelle. Oversized large floor vases serve as an alternative candle holder with floating candles. "Toby the Kitty is available for personal appearances on demand, but you must go through his agent," says Ezelle.

Redesigned Lamps

These two lamps by LeslieChristine Designs were a junk sale finds that were pea green and cost $25 for the pair. Ezelle paints the lamps metallic gold and adds new lampshades with Asian-inspired finials. The Asian buffet was a Salvation Army find costing $325. The painting was created by Ezelle as a study of the artist Egon Schielle (Landscape).

Fashion Show for JCPenney

The Foundry, Big and Tall Supply Co. by JCPenney fashion show featured former and present Dallas Cowboys players modeling the new clothing line, and the space requires a sleek look that has masculine appeal.

Custom Bench

This custom bench by LeslieChristine Designs was originally a console table in white cowhide. Ezelle cut the cowhide into small squares and cut the table legs down in order to design a studded bench for the fashion show.

Chic Modern Seating

Ezelle sets the mood for the JCPenney fashion show with cow hide and leather pieces along with low candle lighting.

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