Design Star Season 7: Photo Highlights From Episode 9

It's down to two finalists! See the amazing makeovers from Britany and Danielle's TV pilots and find out who is this season's Design Star.
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November 25, 2014
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The Final Two

Britany and Danielle are the last contestants standing. Their final challenge: film a five-minute pilot of their potential HGTV show with a real homeowner.

Competitors Become Allies

Each designer will work with have two of their former competitors as design assistants. Britany chooses Mikel and Rachel to work with her on her photography-inspired show concept, Picture Perfect Spaces.

Meeting the Family

When Britany meets homeowners Mark and Song DaBell, their request is clear: A more adult space with more storage! Their son Luke's toys have overtaken the dining room, and shoes clutter the entryway.

A Word With the Producer

Picture Perfect Spaces will show viewers how to use photography to create a unique and personalized space. Britany decides to photograph the family to create custom art for the dining room walls.

Shopping and Staging

Britany sends Mikel and Rachel out to shop so she can focus on the big and small details — like this table setting — back at the DaBell's house. "This is the last day of the most important job interview of my life. No pressure," she says.

Last-Minute Fixes

Britany struggles with on-camera tips throughout the challenge, but she and her design team are able to pull together a polished space at the last minute.

Before: No Place to Dine

This dining room was overrun by toddler toys — it doesn't even have a table or chairs.

After: Sophisticated Dining Spot

The wallpaper and wainscoting create a high-end look that nods to Britany's trademark graphic style.

Orange Accents

Britany uses orange table setting and artwork to add a bright accent to the room. Since the room's main design elements have a black-and-white theme, it will be easy for the homeowners to swap accessories if their tastes change.

Family Photos, Front and Center

Britany used framed portraits of the family and son Luke as personal art on the dining room walls.

The Big Reveal

The DaBells are floored by their new, grown-up dining room.

Before: No Design Scheme

Mismatched furniture and a strange space plan left this living room functional but disjointed.

After: Cohesive Hues

Britany uses warm gray walls to tie the space together and give it a sophisticated-but-livable feel.

Before: Too Far for Conversation

The sofa, loveseat and chair weren't arranged in a way that was conducive to conversation — all the furniture faced the wall.

After: A Place to Chat

A modern sectional is the perfect solution for this long, thin room, and it will easily fit a dinner party's worth of guests.

Twists on Tradition

A silhouette-style print of a Greek bust on black canvas adds modern whimsy to classic artwork.

After: Fireside Chats

Placing the sectional in the center of the room — rather than against the far wall — puts loungers close enough to watch TV or feel the fire's heat.

Classic and Modern

Britany used a classically-shaped wingback chair in the corner of the living room, but the orange damask pattern and black trim add a modern twist.

Global Accessories

Small accents in orange, white and black tie Britany's room together.

Built-In Storage

The family specifically requested shoe storage near the front door. Britany asked her carpenter to create this built-in to keep shoes in sight but organized.

Bold and Graphic

The many patterned pillows work together because they're unified by their scale and black hue. Textured, solid pillows complement Britany's bolder choices.

Danielle's Show Idea

Danielle's pilot idea: Shop This Room, which will show viewers how to find great pieces and curate their home.

Her Top-Tier Design Team

Danielle chooses Hilari and Stanley to help her complete her final Design Star challenge.

The Homeowner Meeting

Homeowners Lois and Allen Keller are craving a more creative and organized home. Though Lois is an artist, the home they share with daughters Sunny and Gidget doesn't reflect their eclectic style.

Lights, Camera, Pilot

New to shooting a TV show, Danielle frets that each segment is taking up too much time. "It feels like [we're doing] 300 takes, and I'm worried about time management," she says.

A Word With the Producer

After a rough start, Danielle warms up to the camera and starts to have fun on set with producer Ashley.

Custom Artwork

Danielle uses Lois's artwork to inspire the room's color palette.

Old to New

Danielle decides the family's table is worth salvaging — once it gets some TLC from the carpenter.

Before: Too-Traditional Dining Space

The Keller family's uber-traditional dining room didn't reflect their eclectic style.

After: Funky and Functional

A retro-inspired chandelier, molded chairs and a warm gray wall hue lend personality to this dining room. Danielle also added function, too, in the form of a workspace for Lois.

Compact Home Office

Before, painter Lois's artwork and materials were scattered around the space. Stanley created this storage-packed workspace — complete with a view — to add daytime function to this dining room.

The Big Reveal

Lois and Allen can't believe their home's transformation — they love how the space reflects their quirky personalities.

Before: Living Room Hodge Podge

This room's bulky, hand-me-down furniture doesn't mesh with the family's home style or personal style.

After: Artsy and Eclectic

Lois's artwork fills the walls of this cool turquoise space, while muted-but-mod furniture pieces reflect the Kellers' love of midcentury style.

Gallery Wall

Before, the family's walls were an uninspiring beige. Now, they're stocked full of artful showpieces.

Stylish Storage

Remember the family's bulky entertainment center? Danielle found a sleek, modern version that holds their electronics without taking up the whole room.

Dual-Purpose Accents

These lightweight, easy-to-move stools provide extra seating in the living room, but they can also double as tables for laptops, drawing or homework.

Before: Hidden Fireplace

The family's sofa hid the room's original fireplace, and the all-white walls didn't let the architectural details stand out.

After: A Bright Focal Point

The non-functioning fireplace serves a new purpose: living room focal point.

Colorful Contrast

White molding atop green walls creates much-needed contrast.

A Retro Accent

This vintage floral chair adds an element of fun to the Keller's living room.

Family-Sized Sofa

Danielle swapped the Keller's extra-large, extra-bulky sofa for a sleeker model that's still large enough to seat the whole family.

Vintage Accents

This vintage Danish modern coffee table features a hidden storage shelf to keep clutter at bay.

Throw Pillow Patterns

The sofa's throw pillows pick up on the hues featured in Lois's art.

The Moment of Truth

Host and mentor David Bromstad joins the panel this week to help regulars Vern Yip and Genevieve Gorder make one final decision: Who will be HGTV's next Design Star?

Familiar Faces

The entire season seven cast reunites to watch Danielle and Britany's pilots and congratulate the winner. And the next Design Star is...

Meet HGTV's Newest Star

Danielle! Her personality-packed room and pilot along with a strong performance throughout the competition made her the judges' ultimate pick.

Bye Bye, Britany

Britany's design skills are strong, but her camera presence wasn't enough to win. See what she has to say about going home during the final challenge.

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