Design Star Season 7: Photo Highlights From Episode 8

This week's Design Star challenge: The final three contestants must turn round yurts into fantasy bedrooms — and survive one last cut.
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November 25, 2014
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The Final Three

Host David Bromstad meets the final three outdoors to deliver one last challenge before the finale.

The Challenge: Turn a Yurt Into a Bedroom Suite

This week, the designers must create a dream bedroom suite from a yurt — a portable structure with round walls built on a wood lattice frame. They'll each have help from an HGTV or DIY Network carpenter.

Guest Judge: Mark Steines

Entertainment Tonight host Mark Steines joins the panel to help spot the designer that shares his on-camera prowess.

The Yurts: Before

Each yurt features canvas atop its latticed walls, a basic wooden floor and a waterproof skylight.

Britany's Plan: Beach Bungalow

Britany's plan: branch out from Hollywood regency with a minimalist, midcentury-inspired beach bungalow. "I want to get out of my comfort zone," she says.

Custom Headboard

Britany asks her partner, Design on a Dime carpenter Joel West, to create an oversized headboard with hidden storage on the back.

Picture Perfect

Britany is a photographer as well as a designer, so she wants to showcase her own photography in the yurt. She creates her own frames to mount canvas photo prints.

Finding Fabric

Britany plans to add a burst of color on the ceiling with drapy lengths of fabric.

Britany's Finished Space

Britany's finished space still features her signature bold and graphic accents, but in a new way. "I went out on a limb. They could love it or they could hate it," she says. "If I go home after this, I did all I can do."

Welcoming Entryway

Britany's original photography prints and sleek, vintage-inspired furniture pieces against a white wall create a modern vibe in this yurt. The judges don't appreciate how broken up the seating areas are, though: "I'd have to shout to hear you!" judge Genevieve Gorder quips.

Original Photos

Britany uses photos taken in the park during the challenge as her main source of wall art. Judge Vern Yip appreciates the creativity, if not the art itself. "I wish these were more abstract," he says.

Light Fixture Focal Point

Swaths of turquoise fabric lead to a bright centerpiece: a simple-yet-stunning white pendant lamp. "Lighting is floating art, and she really seized on that," judge Vern Yip said.

Designer + Carpenter

Britany pauses to enjoy her finished space with carpenter Joel West.

On To the Finale

Britany's risks this week paid off. Her camera challenges and designs are strong enough to guarantee her a spot in the finale.

Danielle's Plan: Modern-Day Safari

Danielle plans to turn her yurt into a global contemporary space filled with one-of-a-kind pieces.

Help From Chip

Chip Wade, host of HGTV's Elbow Room, will be Danielle's carpenter for this challenge. His main task: create a contemporary canopy bed that will be the centerpiece of her space.

Unique Finds

Danielle shops for time-worn treasures to fill her room.

Softening the Bed

Chip's design ends up being much thicker and heavier than Danielle imagined, so she tries to soften it with flowing curtains.

Danielle's Finished Suite

Danielle's finished space has a warm, collected feel with a contemporary edge. "She left no area completely unattended to...that's the biggest thing in this room that makes it a success," judge Genevieve Gorder says.

Out of Place

One thing the judges aren't too keen on: the bulky, gray bed. "The bed should be a focal point, but Danielle's design doesn't deliver," says guest judge Mark Steines.

Flowing Bedding

Danielle used gauzy curtains as a modern take on classic mosquito netting.

Luxe Accessories

Bits of gold sprinkled throughout the room give it a high-end feel.


Handmade sculptures and wall-hangings alongside contemporary accessories create a safari-inspired space that doesn't give in to cliche.

Clean Lines, Dark Hues

Contemporary-styled furniture in dark hues like hunter green contines the modern safari theme.

Layered Rugs

Layered rugs offer a mix of textures and patterns, like this coarse, woven tribal rug paired with a soft animal hide.

Dynamic Duo

Carpenter Chip Wade and Danielle pose for a quick photo in their finished room.

On to the Finale

Despite a few missteps, the judges love the textural and warm-colored moments throughout Danielle's space. A strong camera challenge ensures her spot in the finale.

Hilari's Plan: Bali-Inspired Retreat

Hilari decides to parlay her desire to visit Bali into a design concept: Think bright hues, tropical flowers and exotic woods.

A Partner With a Toolbox

Hilari shows her carpenter, Jeff Devlin, host of DIY Network's I Hate My Bath her idea for spiraling longevity screens to cover the windows and entry door. "I want longevity in this competition...I want longevity on HGTV," Hilari says.

Bed Drama

Hilari finds a unique, antique bed, but there's just one problem: she and Jeff have to assemble it (without an instruction sheet.)

Luxe Wall Coverings

Hilari wants her yurt to scream "luxury," so she buys lengths of purple silk to cover the latticed interior walls.

Flower Features

Joel works on the room's finishing touches, like these glass vases filled with pink orchids.

Hilari's Finished Yurt

Hilari creates a space that truly seems like a fantasy bedroom, complete with bright accents and lots of glamour. But, judge Vern Yip says, her space planning leaves a bit to be desired: "A lot of square footage on either side becomes dead space."

Bedroom Focal Point

The drawn out assembly project was worth it — the judges love Hilari's antique bed. "Talk about a fantasy bed. It really transports you," says judge Vern Yip.

Bright Bedding

Purple, pink and orange throw pillows add bright color to this space and bring in a subtle flower theme.

Slipper Chair Conversation Area

In front of the bed, Hilari used two paisley slipper chairs to create an intimate conversation area.

Final Touches

A hand-written note and a vibrant flower arrangement welcome guests into the yurt.

Gold and Glamour

Another moment of luxury in Hilari's space: a bookcase lined with gold leaf.

Hanging Vases

Hilari used staggered glass vases filled with purple orchids to create a focal point along the side of her yurt.

Long Life?

Jeff made this longevity symbol to dress up the yurt's builder-grade door.

Team Hilari

Hilari poses with Jeff once the final touches are in place.

Goodbye, Hilari

Hilari's camera challenges were more style than substance, and her space planning in the yurt left the judges unimpressed. See what she has to say about going home.

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