Design Star Season 7: Photos From Episode 3

This week, the 10 remaining designers took on their biggest challenge yet: an office makeover for Kardashian mom Kris Jenner.
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November 25, 2014
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Ten Designers Left

The remaining designers met this week's guest judge and client: reality TV star and Kardashian mom Kris Jenner. "What better client to have, because I do high-end stuff. This is my realm. This is where these people will see me shine," Luca says.

An Office Makeover

Host David Bromstad and guest judge Kris Jenner present this week's challenge: redesign the outdated building Jenner purchased for her new office into a glamorous, Kardashian-worthy showplace. The catch: two designers will be sent home this week!


Host David Bromstad will also mentor the designers through this week's camera challenge: Each designer will have to show personality and know-how while talking about the space's design elements.

Kitchen: Hilari and Danielle

The designers will work in pairs for this challenge. Hilari and Danielle are matched up to redesign the kitchen area. Kris's requests for the area: a makeup space where the Kardashian and Jenner girls can get ready for interviews, and a PR closet for press clips and samples. "We have to create the trifecta of spaces," Hilari says.

Wall Details

The pair decides on a gray, white and black color scheme with glamorous touches. Danielle decides to add a white stripe detail on the wall to add another layer of sophistication. Hilari will choose the wallpaper and accessories.

Wallpaper Debacle

Things take a turn for the worse with a few hours left in the challenge: a last-minute attempt to add wallpaper in the PR closet leaves Danielle unhinged and the wall bumpy and unattractive. "Everything we've done in the rest of the room just evaporates because now we have this horror show. And I just know I'm done for," Danielle says.

Before: A Blank Slate

This run-down office space was a former chiropractor's office without much character. "There is absolutely nothing in this space that says 'Kardashian' to me," Hilari said when they walked into the room.

After: A Functional Kitchen

The designers packed many uses into this area: kitchen, break room, storage space and makeup room. The last-minute wallpaper fix left the room's accessories feeling a bit last-minute, however. "I feel extremely defeated. The kitchen was just sloppy .... We didn't get to accessorize properly," Hilari says at the end of the challenge.

After: Unfinished Elements

Hilari and Danielle attempted to repair the damaged wall, but in the end, they covered the mistake with curtains. It wasn't fooling Genevieve, though, who checked behind them immediately: "This works for me in no way whatsoever," she says.

Makeup Nooks

The designers tore out the existing flesh-colored cabinets and replaced them with stylish nooks perfect for a pre-camera makeup touch-up. Sparkling silver wallpaper (chosen by Hilari) provides a glamorous backdrop.

Entryway Accents

A sleek black console table houses the Kardashians' favorite magazine covers.

Gray-and-White Details

Vern loves Danielle's wall detail: "It makes it feel like it has that added level of architectural detail," he says.

Statement Lighting

Hilari brought a bit of her "over-the-top glamorous" style to the kitchen with this bejeweled brushed-silver light fixture over the dining table.

Space-Saving Table

Danielle outfitted this small kitchen with a table ideal for interviews, lunch or break time. The glass top keeps the table from taking up too much visual space in the room.

Functional Kitchenette

Ample cabinetry keeps food items out of sight, while a microwave and wine refrigerator make this room versatile for both day and night.

Safe ... Barely

The wallpaper and unfinished detailing of this room left Danielle and Hilari standing in the bottom four at the elimination studio, but the overall function of the space saved them from the judges' wrath.

Conference Room: Britany and Mikel

Britany and Mikel are paired up again to work on the large conference room. Kris's main requests: a conference table large enough to seat around 16 people and a mirrored element. "I never met a mirror I didn't like," Kris jokes.

The Perfect Table

For a modern take on a traditional conference table, Mikel finds two clean-lined dining tables to push together in the room.

Built-In Storage

Britany and Mikel opt to install built-in cabinetry along two walls to keep clutter at bay.

A Word From the Mentor

During his mentoring session, David loves the bold elements in this room, like Mikel's wallpaper pick and Britany's dimensional mirrored wall. "Make sure that it looks really elegant and glamorous," he says.

Before: White Box

Britany and Mikel revamped this room from floor to ceiling.

After: Modern Conference Room

This finished space is the perfect blend of form and function. The white conference table stands out against the charcoal-gray walls. "The basic building blocks in this room are really great and all show a level of taste," Genevieve says.

After: Bold Focal Points

Bold feature walls define this space, from Mike's wallpapered moments to Britany's mirrored wall.

3-D Installation

Britany created a 3-D effect by staggering cubes of mirror; some are inset and some jut out. "The mirrored wall is really smart .... It took a very inexpensive material and made it look luxe," Vern says as the judges tour the space.

Table for a Crowd

Mikel's white table is a hit with Kris and the rest of the design panel. "To bring in that conference table to seat 14 people ... that's a task," Vern says.

Elegant Lighting

A polished chrome chandelier over one end of the conference table nods to classic Hollywood style.

Classic Patterns

White cabinetry and accessories stand out against black-and-white lattice wallpaper.

Reflective Surfaces

High-gloss black stone countertops reflect the pattern of the wallpaper above. A small bar sink makes this meeting space even more versatile.

Safe Again

The judges liked Britany and Mikel's space enough to grant them a chance to design another day. They're both safe this week.

Reception Area: Kris and Miera

This duo is assigned to work on the reception area of the office space. "I want to walk in and just say 'Wow. This is Jenner Communications,' Kris explains during the design consultation.

Not the Perfect Pair

Kris and Miera's working relationship is rocky from the start. Kris took control of the design concept, leaving Miera feeling frustrated and ignored. "What an unprofessional, immature ... he made me feel like an idiot. It's supposed to be a cohesive design. I can't control this guy," Miera says.

The Breaking Point

When Kris announces that he's come up with a plan for the camera challenge, Miera loses her cool. "He had already made up his mind, as per usual, and I was left out in left field," she says.

The Mediator

"Kris, you're going to have to learn to play well with others," David cautions as he makes the rounds to check the designers' progress.

Line in the Carpet

In the end, the designers work on separate areas to keep conflict at bay. Kris works on the details for the reception desk, like wallpaper and accessories.

Miera's Custom Picture Rail

Miera's big moment in the room is a custom-made picture rail to display Kardashian-Jenner family photos.

Before: Devoid of Personality

Before the makeover, this bland space had a bubblegum-pink desk and not much else.

After: Wow Moments

This reception area makes a bold and sophisticated first impression for visitors to Jenner Communications.

Wallpaper That Works

The judges loved Kris' wallpaper pick, with a large-scale print and a tiny bit of shine.

Built-In Storage

The duo added built-in cabinets to hide away office supplies and other essentials.

Custom Fixtures

Kris and Miera embellished prefab cabinets with custom geometric-detailed handles.

Stylish Sofa

Guests can wait to see the Kardashian clan in style on this plush contemporary sofa.

Sculptural Details

A brushed-nickel wall sculpture adds interest to the reception desk wall.

Custom Picture Rail

Miera's custom picture rail is both functional and a focal point in this reception area.

Famous Photos

Photos of the family taken by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz stand out against the white rails and gray walls.

Door Details

Even the door is bedazzled: the designers covered a builder-grade door with black paint and a chandelier decal to set the mood for the rest of the office space.

Finally Friends?

Despite the tensions, the reception area is well designed and cohesive. "Being with Kris has been challenging for sure, but in the end, we did it," Miera says. Kris and Miera are both safe this week.

Kris' Office: Stanley and Rachel

This duo is asked to design a very important space: Kris' own office. Kris' wish list: a not-too-serious desk, a seating area and an overall intimate feel.

Always the Artist

Stanley decides to create a wall installation: a "tennis bracelet" with a mirror as the main "diamond" surrounded by wooden "studs." He also works on creating a custom desk for the room.

Before: Lots of Boxes

This oddly shaped space has some natural light, but the windows (and everything else) are devoid of interesting details.

After: Sophisticated Workspace

This high-glamour space is perfect for Hollywood's hottest mom-ager.

Custom Desk

Stanley used a wooden form and a white granite top for this modern take on a traditional desk.

Diamond Wall Detail

"I wanted to buy Kris a tennis bracelet, but I made one instead," Stanley says during his camera challenge. "I think I have a little crush," Kris jokes as she tours the room.

The Perfect Sofa

When Rachel spotted these chartreuse-hued Chesterfield-style sofas, she knew they were the perfect representation of her style. She persuaded Stanley to give them a chance, and the panel and client loved them too. "I never in a million years would have chosen that green color, but I walked in, and I fell in love," Kris says.

Repurposed Console

The duo initially purchased a red console, then painted it glossy black to coordinate with the yellow-green sofa and chair.

Architectural Details

Rachel added rounded trim, molding and pane details to these windows to transform ordinary squares into an architectural detail. She topped off the look with billowing silver drapes.

The Winning Space

The judges were uber-impressed with Rachel and Stanley's team effort. "You listened to your client, you gave her what she wanted, and then you introduced more. That is what I want from all of you, every single time," Genevieve says. Stanley's individual efforts and stellar camera challenge make him this week's winner, but Rachel is a close second.

Showroom: Bex and Luca

These hardheaded designers are paired to work on a room that will showcase the Kardashian dynasty's many retail products. "I own a 12,000-square-foot showroom, so I'm totally in my element here," Bex says.

Trouble in Paradise

From the moment they start planning, every decision is a fight with this pair. "You're treating me like I work for you. I do not work for you," Luca fires at Bex. Bex answers back: "You're right, you don't work for me ... 'cause you'd be fired."

Abstract Art

Luca decides to create a piece of abstract art to showcase his talents, even though Bex thinks it will take away from the overall purpose of the room.

Sculptural Shelving

Bex searches for a functional focal point and finds a grouping of hexagonal shelves she thinks are perfect. Luca thinks otherwise though: "I don't like what you're doing with that," he says.

Before: Not a Showplace

This empty space is ready to be molded into a functional room.

After: Full of Function

The concepts are there, but this room lacks the finishing touches that make it look like a designer space. "We merchandised the room in the last two minutes. And when I look up ... it's atrocious," Bex says.

Clothing Storage

Open and closed clothing storage let the clients pick and choose which pieces to display.

Too-Small Island

Though Kris likes the idea of the island, Vern says the proportions are off. "I think that this is not the proper size for this room. It really needed to be a little bit longer, a little bit wider," he says.

Gallery wall

Bex came up with the plan for this gallery wall, where clothing, jewelry, or shoes could be displayed like art. The judges agree this is the most impactful area of the room.

Misplaced Art

The judges think that Luca's abstract painting takes away from the room's purpose: showcasing products.

Six-Sided Eyesore

The judges aren't fans of Bex's hexagonal shelf installation, either. "The proportions are way off," Genevieve says.

Two Go Home

In the end, the bickering brought both designers down, and the judges sent both Bex and Luca home this week.

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