Design Star All Stars: Photo Highlights From Episode 3

The final four Design Star All Stars contestants take a trip down memory lane to make over sets inspired by hit '80s sitcom The Facts of Life..
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November 25, 2014
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The Final Four

Leslie, Tom, Dan and Hilari are all strong contenders — who will make it to the finale? One more challenge will determine the final three.

The Facts of Design

Host David Bromstad presents this week's challenge: Pairs of designers must make over sets inspired by hit '80s sitcom The Facts of Life. Each group must reimagine what an all-girls boarding school TV set would look like today.

Guest Judge: Mindy Cohn

In The Facts of Life, Mindy Cohn played boarding school student Natalie. Today, she's a design enthusiast, actress and comedian. She's the guest judge on this week's panel alongside regulars Vern and Genevieve.

Team One: Leslie and Tom

Leslie and Tom team up. Their game plan: Keep the set traditional, but update to a lighter, brighter color palette and create a homey, lived-in look.

Too Many Accessories?

Leslie worries at first that Tom is stocking up on too many accent pieces, but she tries to avoid micromanaging the project.

Mentor Meeting

Too many colors and patterns don't make for a beautiful camera shot. When Leslie and Tom meet with host and mentor David Bromstad, he recommends they tone down their accent walls.

Hamming It Up

Leslie dons roller skates for the camera challenge as a throwback to Mindy Kohn's character, Natalie.

Before: Stuck in the '70s

With paneling, dark woods and an outdated fireplace, this set needs some upgrades.

After: Elegant Update

The judges love Leslie and Tom's traditional update and agreed it looked like a high-end school environment, but with there were a few more pops of bold color. "It's stunning in person, but less impressive on camera," says judge Vern Yip.

After: One-of-A-Kind Globe Coffee Table


Before: Drab and Oudated Fireplace


After: Bright White Update


After: Tom's Fireside Reading Nook


After: Perfectly-Styled Bookcase


After: Wallpaper and Crown Molding


After: Texture and Pattern on the Floor


Before: Dated Paneling


After: Architectural Update


After: Worldly Accessories


After: Crew-Inspired Medallions


After: Leslie in the Finished Space


After: Tom Poses on His Set


Team Two: Hilari and Dan

This duo decides to pursue a more modern take on the boarding school look with lots of bright, bold colors and patterns. They decide to turn the paneling into a lime green accent wall.


Hilari is worried about the green paneling being too bold, so she suggests they create faux windows to break up the wall.

Modern Staging

Dan arranges the books in vertical stacks to give every detail a modern look.

David's Advice

David hints that the lime green paneling might be too bright for TV, but Dan sticks to his design guns.

Before: Drab and Outdate Set

This living and dining room set definitely isn't camera-ready.

After: Bold and Modern

The judges love many details in Dan and Hilari's space — like the office nook and the updated fireplace — but they can't get past the green wall. "We've seen this tennis ball green from Dan before, in the season four kids' room challenge," remembers Genevieve.

After: Plush Chesterfield Sofa


After: Bold Seating Area


Before: Nothing Special


After: Modern and Traditional


After: Fiery Focal Point


After: Bookcase Storage


Before: '70s Paneling


After: Present-Day Dining


After: Contemporary Dining Table


After: Sideboard Storage


After: Extra Greenery


After: Space-Saving Homework Nook


After: Hilari in the Finished Space


Goodbye, Dan

The judges named Leslie and Tom's room the winning space this week. Dan's repeat offense — the bright green wall — and a ho-hum camera challenge was enough to send him home.

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