Design Star 6: Photo Highlights From Episode 4

This week, the designers head to the Jersey Shore to make over a bed and breakfast, but the challenge is no vacation for some hopefuls. See behind-the-scenes shots and before-and-after spaces from Design Star episode four.
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November 25, 2014
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Jersey Shore Bed and Breakfast Makeover

This week, the remaining designers headed to the Jersey Shore to turn four rooms in this dated bed and breakfast into boutique hotel-inspired spaces.

Guest Judge: Kathy Ireland

Designer and entrepreneur Kathy Ireland joins Genevieve and Vern on the design panel this week.

Kevin and Cathy Hatch a Plan

The first pairing: Kevin and Cathy. These strong-willed partners arrive easily at an overarching concept (shabby chic) for their bedroom, but their personalities clash on everything from furniture choices to who'll do simple tasks. "We are so in divorce court," quipped Kevin.

Whitewashing the Floor

Kevin decides to take a risk by whitewashing with floor — something he'ss never attempted before. "It's a big project, but I'm going to let him own it," says Cathy.

Before: Hotel Hodgepodge

This office area in Kevin and Cathy's space, with its pint-sized desk and bargain-bin wreath, has no unifying theme.

After: Functional Beach-Chic Nook

Cathy and Kevin turn this under-used office area into a functional place to relax.

Before: Bloomin' Bedspreads

The room's outdated bedding and color scheme is old news.

After: Breezy Beach Chic

Updated nature-inspired bedspreads and a bright palette give this room a crisp, clean look. "I love the airiness they've created in this room," says guest judge Kathy Ireland. Genevive, however, didn't like Cathy's too-low picture rail.

Kevin's Custom Headboards

Inspired by the room's door, Kevin's built-in headboards are a hit with the judges. "The headboards tie into the architecture and look very finished," Vern says.

Revamped Chair

A coat of white paint and a new seat cover give this old chair a whole new look.

Washed Up Whitewashing

Kevin's whitewashed floors are already scuffed when the design panel tours the space. "Kevin, You have great design ideas, but they have to function properly in the real world," says Vern.

A Pop of Personality

A whimsical pillow adds interest to an off-the-shelf bedding set.

A Touch of Shine

A metallic gold lampshade and nightstand adds a bit of glamour to Kevin and Cathy's space.

Kevin and Cathy's Finished Room

Kevin and Cathy call a truce to pose for a photo in their airy bedroom.

Beach B&B Meets Flea Market Chic

Tyler and Leslie team up and decide to create a room using lots of repurposed furniture and a weathered, lived-in look.

Tyler Paints The Fireplace

To up the beach vibe, Tyler decides to whitewash the fireplace. "It's going to look like this whole surround washed up on the beach from a barn somewhere...'cause that always happens," he jokes.

Before: Big and Outdated Furnishings

The bulky, dark furnishings don't give this room the beachy vibe a seaside inn needs.

After: Cohesive Kitchenette

Tyler and Leslie cleared out this windowed nook's clutter to create a functional space to house a bar and refrigerator.

Before: Frightening Florals

"It was a like a horrible bag of potpourri threw up," Tyler says of the tired wallpaper.

After: Seaside-Inspired Escape

Tyler and Leslie brought the space together by using a relaxing, sea-inspired palette without interpreting the beach theme too literally.

Before: Mismatched Pieces, Good Bones

There's no overarching concept holding this dated room together; however, Tyler and Leslie decide much of the furniture can be reused.

After: Repurposed Chairs

Tyler's painted and reupholstered chairs are popular with the judges. "The chair is really handsome, and the stripes are so smart," says Vern.

Before: Scary Sitting Area

The tiny floral wreath and uncomfortable futon doesn't say high-end boutique inn.

After: Artful Details

Tyler and Leslie install a chair rail for added architectural interest, and place a smaller sofa with modern lines against the sea-blue walls. A rug and coffee table make this space an inviting place for guests to relax.

Beach-Inspired Accessories

A metallic silver conch shell on the coffee table lends both glamour and a gentle reminder of the seaside surroundings.

Fireplace Faux Pas

The judges don't love Tyler's faux-finished fireplace. It looks like a piece of driftwood, "but not everything that washes ashore is worth salvaging," says Vern.

From Floormats to Fine Art

With a little paint and custom frames, Leslie turns worn-out rugs into something complete new: an art piece that doubles as a faux headboard.

Bret and Kellie's Modern Bedroom

Bret and Kellie are paired for this challenge, and decide to create a modern, muted space.

Kellie's Refinishing Job

New fixtures and a metallic faux finish turn this existing piece of furniture into something fresh.

Bret Hopes For Redemption

"This last evaluation, the design panel just tore me apart. So I really want to opportunity to do something really big," he says. He suggests a driftwood-inspired headboard as the centerpiece of the room.

Headboard Backup Plan

Unable to find a suitable headboard at the store, Bret falls back on plan B: Make his own headboard using pieces of the existing one. He opts for a symmetrical grouping of squares to make the head of the bed stand out.

Before: Cluttered Sitting Area

Too much furniture crowds the room and the focus off this room's fireplace.

After: Cozy Contemporary Hangout

The fireplace and yellow and beige furniture stand out against the slate gray walls. Pillows, artwork and floral arrangements add even more color and interest to this space.

Bright Yellow Chair

Kellie spots this chair on the way to the bed and breakfast; it adds a burst of color and creates the perfect cozy spot right next to the fireplace.

Before: Scattered Victorian

This cobbled-together look, with three different floral prints, doesn't evoke a feeling of relaxation.

After: Too-Modern Makeover

Though the duo brings this room to 2011, Kellie and Bret's poorly-executed headboard and artwork falls flat with the judges. The room also doesn't offer any clues of the waves just outside.

The Finished Headboard

The judges' least favorite thing in this room? Bret's headboard. "At the end of the day, I don't want to be leaning my head against squares of wood," says Vern. The inn owners also say they'd likely get complaints from guests.

Sloppy Details

Bret revamps an existing table with stripes, but the judges aren't happy about the uneven front edge.

Last-Minute Finger Paintings

After David tells Kellie and Bret to add more color to their monochromatic space, Kellie makes a last-ditch effort to create artwork — and it shows in these kindergarten-level pieces.

Shopping for a Concept

Karl, Mark and Meg are paired to rework the B&B's two-bedroom suite. After a rough start, the trio finally comes together on their shopping expedition. Their theme: whimsical and modern with beach-inspired accents.

Before: Not-So-Masterful Suite

The sitting area in this two-bedroom suite is scattered and doesn't evoke a beach feel. "There's nothing that reads 'cute bed and breakfast on the seashore,'" Meg says.

After: Multipurpose Area

Guests can either enjoy the fireplace or catch up on favorite shows from this cozy sitting area.

Before: Bland and Brown

A brown leather couch and dark coffee tables offer no style or personality.

After: Retro Beach Chic

The designers pair a bright red sofa with a classic rocking chair and a modern wooden piece to create a conversation or reading area.

Mark's Woven Rope Ladder

Mark invested almost a day to build this textured ladder, shown here in a styled vignette, and it paid off with the judges. The styling "showed this really visceral understanding of design that you cannot teach," gushes Vern.

Before: Crushed By Velvet

Uneven velvet curtains and a tired mirror provide a dismal backdrop for this sleep nook.

After: Meg's Bright Bedroom

"I love how she's drawn the colors from the headboard into every area," says guest judge Kathy Ireland.

After: Meg's Custom Headboard Panels

The perfect vintage Palm Beach-inspired fabric for the headboard brings the bedding and accent colors together.

Meg's Dresser Makeover

Meg refinished an existing piece with a deep red hue that picks up on the floral headboard. Bright white accessories with a subtle beach motif complete the look.

Before: Crowded and Uncomfortable

The bed looks too large for the space, while the plywood chair looks like the last place you'd want to relax before drifting to sleep.

After: Open, Fun and Whimsical

Shifting the bed to the center of the area allows the windows to be its backdrop. Simple, lightweight Roman shades offer guests a glimpse of the outdoors, while Karl's water-inspired, painted chair rail flows behind it all.

Turning the Tables

Karl transforms an end table into two built-in consoles that give the room a finished, refined look.

The Designers In Their Winning Space

This week's winner Meg along with collaborators Karl and Mark pose in their finished sitting area. "In six years of being on this panel, your room is the most impressive room we've ever been in," says Vern.

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