20 Fun Facts You Never Knew About HGTV Stars

HGTV Magazine has all the need-to-know fun facts on your favorite HGTV stars.

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Photo By: Sarah Dorio

Photo By: Sarah Dorio

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Photo By: Victoria Pearson

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Photo By: Squire Fox

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Photo By: Larsen&Talbert

Photo By: Larsen&Talbert

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Photo By: Larsen & Talbert

Photo By: Larsen & Talbert

Photo By: Larsen & Talbert

Photo By: Larsen & Talbert

Photo By: Larsen & Talbert

Vern Yip's Favorite Design Color Is Orange

It pops up all over HGTV Star judge Vern Yip's daughter Vera's room: in the curtains, on the throw, on the bed skirt.

See more of his decorating tips here.

Vern's Dogs Have Their Own Room

Vera isn't the only with a chic room. (From left to right) Scooter, Hank, Bob, and Schmoo share Vern’s Atlanta home with Vern’s partner, Craig Koch; son, Gavin; and daughter, Vera.

See the room the dogs have all to themselves here.

Besides His Dogs, He Likes a Home That Needs Some Love

He revamped all 3,500 square feet of his vacation home, knocking down a wall that blocked the water view from the kitchen and turning a third-story outdoor space into the master bedroom.

See the full house tour here.

Emily Henderson Loves a Good Stripe

"I love a good old-fashioned stripe (on the banquet seating cushions), but it is conservative, so I added a mix of pillows, in different shades of blue, to help make it more fun," the HGTV Design Star says to HGTV Magazine.

See exactly how she styled this breakfast nook here.

From: HGTV Magazine and Emily Henderson

And She's a Gallery Wall Pro

"Add one or two really big frames — like 16 inches by 20 inches — and an art wall immediately looks high-end," says Emily.

See more of her design tricks here.

Linda Woodrum Has Two Dishwashers

The former designer says, "I’m fanatical about keeping my sink clear. I actually have two dishwashers, which makes cleanup so easy, especially after a party. I am undone by clutter, so I load them right after meals.”

See more of her Hilton Head home here.

And a Breakfast Cabinet

"I have a cabinet by the refrigerator that holds a toaster oven, cereal, bowls, and juice glasses," Linda says to HGTV Magazine. "My breakfast is two cups of Twinings English Breakfast tea. I use an old saucepan that belonged to my mother to boil water. Teakettles scare me—you never know how clean they are inside!”

See more of her organizing secrets here.

Linda's China Cabinet Is 100-Percent Functional

"The china cabinet is my pride and joy. It looks so pretty with those X’s on the front, but trust me, it’s not pristine or perfect. I use everything in it all the time," Linda says.

See more of her design tricks here.

Sarah Richardson Banished TV From Her Living Room

The Sarah 101 host says, "I banished the TV from the living room. This is a getaway house, so the goal is to spend time with family and friends, sitting in front of the fire, having a glass of wine, reading, and playing games. We have a TV in the basement when the girls need some cartoon time."

See how Sarah designed her TV-less living room here.

Sarah Loves Vintage Quilts

She may have banished TV, but she's certainly allowing vintage quilts around the house. "I don't even care if they’re falling apart a little. I made the pillows and bed skirt in Robin's room out of an old chenille quilt that I found in the linen closet when we moved into the house," she tells HGTV Magazine.

See how she used them in her master bedroom here.

And She's Not Afraid to Decorate With Color

"Any part of a house can be fun. Why not add color and pattern where you can? On our back stairs, I painted an orange and yellow 'runner' and added old house numbers that I found at flea markets and hardware stores," she says. "The girls love to count out loud as they go up and down the steps."

See more of her decorating tips here.

Chip and Joanna Gaines Eat Breakfast With Their Kids Every Morning

Even on weekday mornings, the Fixer Upper designers whip up something hot, and the family eats together in the kitchen. The rotation includes biscuits and gravy, pancakes, and eggs with toast.

See more of Chip and Joanna's morning routine here.

And When Dinner's Ready, Joanna Rings a Triangle Bell

Joanna also cooks dinner for her family. And, perfect for a 40-acre farm, she rings an old-fashioned triangle bell lets everyone know when the food is ready.

See more of Chip and Joanna's evening routine here.

About 15K People Visit Chip and Joanna's Magnolia Market Weekly

When the designers aren't cooking for their kids, they spend ample time at the store. There’s usually a line of customers waiting outside the design duo’s store, Magnolia Market, before it opens at 10 a.m.

See more of the couple's day-to-day here.

Erin and Ben Napier Start Every Morning With a Walk

The Home Town stars and their family do a lap around the neighborhood with Chevy and Baker (short for Studebaker), both Great Pyrenees rescues.

See more of their morning routine here.

Ben Loves Pranks

The couple is hands-on at every reno stage. For Ben that includes pranking their friend and business partner Jim whenever he’s in a scene. “Ben sneaks in fake snakes every chance he gets,” Erin tells HGTV Magazine.

See more of their day-to-day here.

Erin's Favorite Part of Owning a Store Is Designing Displays

Erin is an artist at heart. Ben’s into sharing Laurel lore with customers. (He has a history degree, after all.)

Find out more about Erin and Ben here.

Drews Scott Makes Healthier Meals Than Jonathan Scott

"That’s been a hot topic for us for a long time. Drew is a good cook and generally makes healthy meals. My meals tend to have more flavor—but, admittedly, they may not be as healthy," Jonathan tells HGTV Magazine.

See more of everything you never knew about the Property Brothers hosts here.

They Idolize Justin Timberlake's Style

"He does both formal and casual perfectly," says Jonathan.

Find out more of their fashion secrets here.

The Bros Don't Sit Together on Flights

"People find it weird that we never sit together, but we both want window seats," Jonathan says.

See more of their travel habits here.

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