Flipping the Block: Meet the Season 1 Cast

Four teams will transform run-down condos to move-in ready showpieces — all while living in the construction dust. Meet the hosts and contenders now.

Photo By: Kevin Lynch

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Photo By: Kevin Lynch

Photo By: Kevin Lynch

Photo By: Kevin Lynch

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Photo By: Kevin Lynch

Photo By: Kevin Lynch

Photo By: Kevin Lynch

Photo By: Photographer: Stephanie Diani, Stephanie Diani / Getty Images

Photo By: Kevin Lynch

Photo By: Kevin Lynch

Photo By: Kevin Lynch

Photo By: Photographer: Stephanie Diani, Stephanie Diani / Getty Images

Photo By: Kevin Lynch

Photo By: Kevin Lynch

Photo By: Kevin Lynch

Photo By: Photographer: Stephanie Diani, Stephanie Diani / Getty Images

Flipping the Block: Meet the Cast

Four teams, four run-down condos, one winner. Host Josh Temple will lead you through the action as the teams compete to completely remodel a condo before selling it at auction. The team with the highest sale price wins the $50,000 prize.

Host: Josh Temple

The House Crashers star is your on-air guide to Flipping the Block.

Behind-the-Scenes Host: David Bromstad

Join HGTV Star alum and Color Splash host David Bromstad for exclusive, irreverent interviews on HGTV.com.

Black Team: John and Whitney Spinks

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Relationship: Married

Childhood sweethearts John and Whitney Spinks say that winning HGTV’s Flipping the Block would allow them to achieve their dream of starting their own design company and expanding their family.

Black Team: John Spinks

John says that his love for construction was inspired by his dad, so after completing his military service in the Navy, he got a job at a local construction company and is studying to earn a degree in construction management. Raised in a family with strong Midwestern values, John says he believes in honesty, hard work and helping others and that he is driven to do the right thing.

Black Team: Whitney Spinks

Whitney, a financial analyst, says while John was deployed overseas, she realized that her passion wasn’t in charts and numbers, but in interior design. Whitney describes herself as thoughtful and upbeat, which translates into the fun and vibrant room designs that she creates.

Black Team: Arriving on Set

John and Whitney have known each other most of their lives and agree that their solid connection gives them a unique edge in this competition. The Spinks say that John’s military background and construction experience coupled with Whitney’s keen financial mind and creative design sense make them forceful competitors.

Blue Team: Craig Welborn and Brian Welborn

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Relationship: Twin brothers

Twin brothers Craig Welborn and Brian Welborn from Austin, Texas started their custom cabinetry and woodworking company in 2008 – right before the recession hit. The guys say it’s been a tough few years and look forward to a time when they have the luxury to choose jobs that challenge their creativity and carpentry skills. Craig and Brian say that winning HGTV’s Flipping the Block would be life changing for them because then they could afford to expand their business out of Craig’s one-car garage and into a proper woodshop.

Blue Team: Craig Welborn

Craig is a self-taught artist who loves to play the guitar.

Blue Team: Brian Welborn

Brian describes himself as having unshakable confidence and wants to make his mark with custom-made, one-of-a-kind design.

Blue Team: Arriving on Set

Although Craig and Brian look and sound alike, they admit that their distinct personalities often cause them to come to blows. Despite their differences, the guys’ say they know their talents complement each other and will do whatever it takes to pull off unique and creative designs in order to win it all.

Red Team: Shauna Jones Williams and Anicka Jones Marshall

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Relationship: Sisters

Sisters, moms and best friends from New Orleans, Anicka Jones Marshall and Shauna Jones Williams say they each have a long-held passion for home design.

Red Team: Anicka Jones Marshall

Anicka, a licensed general contractor and owner of a successful full-service design and construction company, wants to use her stardom in HGTV's Flipping the Block to help expand her business.

Red Team: Shauna Jones Williams

Shauna, an artist and stay-at-home mom, often joins Anicka as a consultant on her design and renovation projects. The sisters also flip houses on the side and have sold several homes since 2003.

Red Team: Arriving on Set

Anicka and Shauna say they are never afraid to speak their minds and depend on each other for brutal honesty. They’ve worked together for so long that they agree they are “in tune” with each other and often know what the other is thinking without saying a word. In their working relationship, Shauna says she depends on Anicka for planning, logistics and the initial drive to start a project, while Anicka says she needs Shauna for her calming presence, attention to detail and dedication to finishing a project perfectly. The sisters admit that they know how to push each other’s buttons to bring out their competitive edge, but will always stand up for one another no matter what.

Silver Team: Curtis Goldin and Amanda Marks

Hometown: Coronado, California
Relationship: Dating one year

Curtis Goldin and Amanda Marks met while she was working as a barista on a naval base near San Diego; they each have experience in various areas of construction and design.

Silver Team: Curtis Goldin

Curtis says that throughout high school and college, he worked in construction and helped remodel several houses. He says this experience gave him the opportunity to learn everything from installing drywall and insulation to tile work and flooring.

Silver Team: Amanda Marks

Currently Amanda, who proclaims she attends the "University of HGTV," says she has loved to sing, paint, sculpt and decorate since childhood and has always dreamed of being a designer.

Silver Team: Arriving on Set

Curtis and Amanda say they believe their free-spirited personalities and knack for off-beat but beautiful construction and design will make them the team to beat. In addition to his wealth of construction knowledge, Curtis says his practical approach and serious focus will help keep their renovation projects on track, while Amanda says she knows her wildly unique way of mixing design styles, such as combining "beachy bohemian" chic with Victorian-era accents, will help put the Silver Team’s rooms over the top to win.

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