Stylish Makeovers From Deserving Design

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Before: Lackluster Living Room

Scott Sanzaro's living room needs some spark. It's tastefully decorated, but a little cluttered and overly neutral.

After: Relaxing Newlywed Retreat

Now the living room is warm and inviting, thanks to designer and host Vern Yip. He brought in lots of rich color yet still maintained a neutral tone. The new candle-style chandelier not only illuminates the room, but it also functions as a piece of artwork. To make the fireplace more prominent, a multi-paneled mirror makes the fireplace appear as if it is one big unit.

Before: Clunky Hand-Me-Downs

Tyra and her husband lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. The bedroom in her temporary home is filled with hand-me-down furniture that was donated to them. Though grateful, the furniture doesn't fit very well in their space, and it doesn't match the couple's vibrant personalities.

After: A Romantic Retreat

Designer Vern Yip incorporates romance into the room by using warm colors, flowing fabrics and candlelight. To soften the four-poster bed, a silk canopy is hung from the ceiling. Burnt-orange walls, luxurious bedding and silk draperies set a soothing and sophisticated tone.

Before: The Dump

The Bond family refers to their garage as "the dump" because it is piled high with boxes and all sorts of stuff. The parents would love to get it cleaned out and organized so their four kids could use it as playroom. With a career in the military, the family knows they may have to move sometime soon. So, they need to be able to transform the space back into a garage in case they have to sell the home.

After: Fun and Functional Playroom

The garage is transformed into a multipurpose space — a playroom, a storage area and if needed, it can still serve as a place to park a car. The floor is covered in solid porcelain tile. This is the perfect choice if the family does decide to convert this space back into a garage. Porcelain tile is denser and more durable than ceramic tile, therefore, it can withstand the weight of a car. It is also non-absorbent, so no oil stains. The walls are lined with storage cabinets to hold toys and games. The tempered-glass cabinet doors are covered with large posters to give the space a fun, action-packed look.

Before: Romper Room Entryway

This family room is a mini-amusement park for a set of 2-year-old quadruplets. Although it's a fun space, there's not much room for the rest of the family. This house has no foyer — the front door opens right into this room. This means guests have to climb over the toys and maneuver around the sofa to get into the house.

After: A Family Room for Everyone

This room is no longer all about the quadruplets; now, the rest of the family has some space too. The room is still toddler-proof and kid-friendly, yet it also has a sophisticated aesthetic that will please the adults. The walls are painted warm green and paired with a neutral, stain-resistant nylon rug. Dark curtains will help hide stains, and the leather sofas are easy to wipe clean. There is plenty of toy storage in the set of matching bookcases (not shown) and inside the large ottomans. A foyer area is created with better furniture placement. Black-and-white portraits of the kids line the entryway, creating a great family gallery.

Before: Sounds Great, Looks Bad

This huge hallway is in the middle of an old cottage-style home. The tall ceiling gives the space great acoustics, so the homeowner holds jam sessions in here when her musician friends come over. But, she wants the space to be a more comfortable and functional hang-out room.

After: A Multi-Functional Hallway

The hallway is transformed from top to bottom. The dingy checkered floor is replaced with a durable, low-maintenance bamboo floor. Black-and-white photos give a timeless, classic feel and really pop against the brightly-colored walls. The glass dining table is paired with drum-shaped stools and Asian baskets. To illuminate the space, two contemporary "candeliers" flank an antique chandelier.

Before: Not Ready for Baby

Paul and Devon DeVigne's baby is almost here, but the nursery is nowhere in sight. It is still a guest room filled with hand-me-down furniture and floral bedding.

After: Transitional Nursery

The nursery is modern, very sweet, and the transitional colors will easily take the baby into boyhood. The teal and brown bedding is balanced by dividing the wall colors into three big, broad stripes. The lighter teal color is extended up to the ceiling to make the room feel larger. Hot-air balloons are hung from the ceiling to provide the baby with extra stimulation.

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