How to Make an Oversized Pendant Light

Make a large pendant light using aluminum bars, a flat sheet and a simple pendant light.

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Dan Faires gives instructions on how to use metal and a sheet to create a pendant light that has a light, airy feel.
Oversized Pendant Light

Oversized Pendant Light

Make an oversized pendant light using aluminum bars and a flat sheet.

and Danmade

Materials and Tools: 

1" aluminum flat bars
hack saw
2 small C-clamps
drill and 3/16” drill bit
1/2” round head nuts with bolts
18-gauge galvanized wire
pendant light
clear double-sided tape
full-size flat sheet
twine or rope
permanent marker

Measure and Cut Aluminum Bars

Measure and cut two of the 8’ aluminum flat bars in half using a hack saw, creating four 4' pieces.

Measure for Circular Bars

Create circular bars for the two remaining 8' foot bars by measuring and making marks at 2”, 23”, 47” and 71” on each bar.

Measure Aluminum Bars

Measure Aluminum Bars

Measure and make marks on the two remaining 8’ aluminum flat bars at 2”, 23”, 47” and 71”.

and Danmade

Create a Circle

Slowly bend one of the 8' aluminum flat bars into a circle with the marks facing outward. Overlap the two ends of the flat bar to the edge of the 2” mark. Clamp the ends together tightly using a C-clamp. Repeat for the second 8' bar.

Drill Hole in Circular Bars

Using a 3/16” drill bit, drill a hole near each end of the overlapping pieces. Insert 1/2” screws and tighten securely. Remove the C-clamp. Repeat for the other 8’ aluminum flat bar.

Drill Holes in Circular Bar

Drill Holes in Circular Bar

Using a 3/16” drill bit, drill a hole near each end of the overlapping pieces of aluminum.

and Danmade

Attach Vertical Bars

Drill holes using a 3/16” drill bit about 1/2” from each end of the 4’ flat bars. Lay one of the circular flat bars on a flat surface, and hold up one of the 4’ bars perpendicular to the circular piece on the edge of the mark previously made at 2”. Mark the hole on the circular piece, and drill using a 3/16” drill bit. Hold up the 4’ piece again and insert a 1/2” bolt. Attach the nut to the bolt, and tighten securely. Repeat these steps for the three remaining marks at 23”, 47” and 71”.

Attach Second Circular Bar

Place the second circular flat bar on a flat surface. Flip over the assembled fixture, and attach the vertical 4’ pieces to the other circular piece using the same method used for the first circular bar. Drill a 3/16” hole to the right of all four of the vertical 4’ flat bars.

Drill Hole in Lamp Base

Drill Hole in Lamp Base

Drill hole in lamp base to make a pendant light.

and Danmade

Add Wiring

Loop 18-gauge wiring through the four holes, creating a cross at the top of the frame. Tie a simple pendant light in the middle of the cross. 

Attach Flat Sheet

Apply double-sided clear tape to the top circular flat bar and vertical pieces. Attach the flat sheet to the double-sided tape making sure the vertical seam of the fabric is centered on one of the vertical 4’ flat bars. Continue around the circle until it wraps all the way around the piece. Cut the fabric if necessary, and hide the fabric seam by attaching it to the vertical 4’ piece with double-sided tape.

Tie Fabric

Temporarily hang the pendant from a hook, and gather the excess fabric neatly at the base of the lamp. Tie the bunched fabric together using rope or twine and cut off any excess fabric if desired.

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