Cousins Take Down Wrestling Coach's Home on HGTV's Cousins Undercover

The cousins set out to renovate the home of Bob Keenan, a volunteer wrestling coach, vice principal and mentor who hasn't had time to fix up his home because he's always doing things for others. Check out how they got it done in three days.
By: Jennifer Brake

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Undercover House

Cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri went undercover to uncover Bob Keenan's home that was hidden behind overgrown trees and shrubs, blocking natural light from coming through the windows. To make it worse, the largest tree was dying and threatening to fall on the house if a major storm came through.

Dated Den

This was the family's favorite place to hang out together, but the wood paneling and faux beams had this den stuck in the '70s. Bob's wife and daughter Sammy wanted to update and declutter this room to give Bob a decent place to relax when he was home.

Blank Space

As the volunteer wrestling coach in Livingston, N.J., Bob gives wrestling lessons and advises troubled youngsters at his home, but never charges anyone. His old wrestling room was cluttered, unmotivating and lacking proper equipment.


One of the first jobs was clearing out the unkempt shrubs and trees in front of the house. The cousins had to be careful not to sway the decaying tree in the wrong direction to keep it from falling through Sammy's window.


The family room had a door that led to nowhere since the deck that used to be outside was removed. The Cousins decided to expand the existing opening by installing a set of glass accordion doors and building a new deck.

Community Gift

As a thank you, John and Anthony were given Livingston wrestling shirts by the volunteers.

Test Your Strength

The cousins and volunteers take turns trying to make it up a newly installed pegboard that will help Bob train his wrestlers by testing their arm and core strength.

Big Surprise

Bob was sent on a three-day fishing trip with his brother while the cousins and the volunteers renovated his home. He was shocked when he pulled up and saw 40 of his closest neighbors and friends cheering him on.

Ready to Wrestle

Bob's new wrestling facility is fully equipped with a custom floor mat, safety mats along the walls, lockers for gear and a state-of-the-art weightlifting system. One of Bob's mentees was even able to get a quote directly from wrestling legend Dan Gable to put on the wall.

Comfortable Living

The pinewood ceiling replaces the panels and faux box beams that were originally there and creates a nice contrast against the blue walls. The old leather couch was replaced with a more modern design that looks out onto Bob's backyard and new deck.

Picture Perfect

Bob's house has bright, inviting curb appeal after the too-tall shrubs were replaced with low-lying plants and flowers. The shutters were painted a darker gray to give contrast to the completely white house and a yellow front door adds a bold pop of color.

Cousins and Keenans

The cousins were happy to makeover Bob's house, giving him and his family a relaxing and fun space to hang out together.

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