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Brothers Take New Orleans: Living Room Transformations from Drew and Jonathan Scott

In the four-part competition, the brothers go head to head to restore two sides of a traditional New Orleans shotgun home. See the incredible before and afters of their totally transformed living spaces. 

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Photo: Jackson Hill/AP Images

Challenge No. 1: The Living Rooms

For their first battle of the spaces, Jonathan and Drew Scott take on one of the most important rooms in their New Orleans abodes. Click through to see before and after photos. 

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Photo: Jackson Hill /AP Images

Drew Gets Hands On

Before the brothers could dive into their spaces, they first had to reconfigure the layout of the two houses from their traditional shotgun style, split lengthwise, to a more functional front to back split. Jonathan and Drew flipped to see who would get each side, and Drew won the back of the home.

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Photo: Patti Perret

BEFORE: Drew's Living Room

After demo'ing his side of the home down to the studs, Drew was left with a statement-making quad-sided fireplace that was in desperate need of repair. Can he pull off a New Orleans miracle? 

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Photo: Emilee Ramsier

AFTER: Drew's Living Room

So fresh and so clean! Drew's transformed living room includes custom wood detailing on the walls to emulate the look of high-end New Orleans homes, a neutral gray color palette and a freshly repaired and white-washed fireplace. 

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