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Brothers Take New Orleans: Kitchen Transformations

By: Jessica Galliart

Today show host Hoda Kotb judges the brothers' makeovers of their New Orleans shotgun house kitchens for the second challenge in the Brothers Take New Orleans competition. See how Drew and Jonathan channeled classic New Orleans character into the most important rooms of their homes.

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Photo: Emilee Ramsier

Challenge No. 2: The Kitchens

Today show host Hoda Kotb steps in as the New Orleans native judge for the 

brothers' second challenge, arguably the most important room in a New 

Orleans home: the kitchen.

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Photo: Emilee Ramsier

Jonathan with the Advantage

After winning the living room challenge, Jonathan has the assistance of his brother JD for the kitchen reno. Will he pave the way for a clean sweep of the four-part home challenge? 

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Photo: Patti Perret

BEFORE: Jonathan's Kitchen

Talk about a blank slate! Jonathan had plenty of room to work with in the kitchen of his side of the shotgun home. It even came decorated with vines that had grown inside the home from outside! 

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Photo: Emilee Ramsier

AFTER: Jonathan's Kitchen

Along with the JD advantage, Jonathan also had much more square footage in his side of the home than Drew did, allowing for a bit of a more open floor plan in the kitchen.  

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