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Brother Vs. Brother, LA: Grand Guest-Room Suites

In round 5 of Brother Vs. Brother — the Los Angeles edition brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott spare no effort in the quest to create the ultimate guest quarters and kids' bedrooms in each of their respective LA mansions. Designer Orlando Soria makes a surprise encore appearance as guest judge in this penultimate round of BvB competition.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic

Orlando Blooms Again

Designer Orlando Soria, star of HGTV's Build Me Up, makes a return visit to the Brother Vs. Brother competition. He served as guest judge for the first round — the living room challenge — and now he's back to judge the second-floor transformations including guest bedrooms, bathrooms and kids' spaces.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic

The Guest-Rooms Challenge

Drew felt he had a secret advantage with Orlando as judge even though he ruled against Drew in the first challenge. Unbeknownst to Jonathan, Drew invited Orlando back for a second stint as judge, feeling that he's learned from Orlando's original critiques and now has a chance to win him over. "Drew might be thinking that, because he invited me back, I'm gonna favor him a little bit maybe help him win this time," says Orlando, "but I'm going to be impartial. I'm going judge who did the best job, who improved the space the most, and who I really think most deserves the win."

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The Team-Drew Project: The Guest-Rooms Challenge

Game of Thrones. In the fifth round of competition, each brother has five weeks to transform and/or construct the remaining bedrooms in their respective project houses — all in an effort to make spectacular, show-stopping guest bedrooms and baths. Drew feels he's on a roll, with two Team-Drew wins in a row. His budget for the second-floor bedroom/bathroom renovations is $440,000.

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The Team-Drew Project: The Upstairs Hallway. Drew's upstairs transformation started with three existing bedroom spaces on the upper level vs. Jonathan's which had two existing bedrooms. Each renovation, however, would incorporate significant amounts of reconfiguring and reworking to yield new and elegantly upgraded spaces.

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