Brother Vs. Brother Season 1: Meet Team Drew

Meet the talented team of contestants who'll be mentored by Property Brother Drew Scott on HGTV's Brother Vs. Brother.

Drew Scott

Real estate agent Drew Scott will lead his team of experts into the ultimate home renovation showdown against brother and licensed contractor Jonathan Scott's skilled team. Who will come out on top?

Brett Karns - Studio City, Calif.

Brett Karns is self-proclaimed do-it-yourselfer who pioneered his own path into the design field. Despite having no formal design training, he has successfully rehabbed and flipped more than a dozen homes and apartment buildings. He says his success and confidence in his hands-on approach and design ability — and a 20-year career as a real estate agent — helps him identify how to add real value to any property. Brett describes his design style as "traditional with a modern flair."

Christy Biberich - West Hollywood, Calif.

Christy Biberich, the owner and principal consultant of a successful interior design firm, grew up in a small town dreaming of becoming a designer. After earning bachelor degrees in theatre art and architecture at the University of Pittsburgh, Christy went on to work as an organization and design consultant for several companies, as well as a designer of closets and kitchens. Christy, now an entrepreneur, says she gets a thrill from implementing her unique organizational vision to any space and describes her favorite design style as "comfortable."

David Font - Miami, Fla.

David, a landscape architect and business owner, grew up in Miami. As a child, David says he was drawn to music and later attended college on a music scholarship, but after a change of heart, he followed his dream to study architecture. With a bachelor's degree in landscape architecture from the University of Florida and design experience in Italy, David loves what he does and can bring a fresh perspective because of his unique experience and training. His work includes the redesign and construction of an 18-hole golf course and dozens of resorts in the U.S., Caribbean and South/Central America. David, who describes his style as "Asian-infused contemporary with a tropical touch," says he is confident that his work ethic and team-player mentality will bring him victory in the competition.

Monica Reese - West Long Beach, N.J.

Growing up in North Carolina, Monica remembers going to fabric stores with her seamstress mother and getting lost in the beautiful textures and colors. At age 12, she fell in love with design when she redecorated her bedroom with peach walls and green shag carpet. After working in the corporate world, Monica decided to pursue her passion and earned a master's degree in interior design from Pratt Institute in New York. While there Monica studied under world-class designers and worked internationally through a study abroad program in Milan, Italy. Monica, a mom of two, says she is driven and proud of her successes as the owner of an interior design firm that handled every type of design job from furniture showrooms to luxury weddings. She describes her design style as "modern classic with a bit of unexpected fun."

Oliver Aguilar - Chicago, Ill.

Raised in Detroit, Mich., interior designer and architect Oliver Aguilar works as a project manager and space planner for a commercial firm in Chicago. A self-described "quirky and free-spirited designer," Oliver earned a bachelor's degree in interior design from Michigan State University and later a second bachelor's degree in architecture at Lawrence Technological Institute in Detroit. He says he is a passionate designer who has worked with many design and architecture companies while also moonlighting as a freelance photographer. Oliver has completed dozens of design projects, including multiple residential, restaurants, hotel lobbies, and retail and commercial venues. He says he takes a unique approach to create his signature design style by merging art, transitional material and recycled products to make a one-of-a-kind space.

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