Brother Vs. Brother Season 1: David Font's Best Designs

David Font, a landscape architect, business owner and Miami native, won the first Brother Vs. Brother title with his smart design choices and construction know-how. Flip through his best remodels.
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Photo By: Matt Harbicht/Getty Images

Photo By: Matt Harbicht/Getty Images

Photo By: Matt Harbicht/Getty Images

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Photo By: Stepahnie Diani/Getty Images

Photo By: Stepahnie Diani/Getty Images

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Photo By: Matt Harbicht/Getty Images

Photo By: Matt Harbicht/Getty Images

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The First Brother Vs. Brother Champion

Congratulations, David, on your Brother Vs. Brother win! Take a look back at the remodels that earned him the title.

Who's Ready?

At first glance, David was just one of the pack. Here, the 10 competitors eagerly await their first assignment.

David's Challenge One Task

What set David apart throughout the competition? His construction expertise. He proved himself valuable in episode one when he and Monica transformed the tile and floors in this home's mismatched living room.

A Great Team Player

Though it's an individual competition, David revealed himself as a great team player early on. Here, he shows Monica how to tile a fireplace surround.

Inside David's Notebook: Remodeling Pains

We took an exclusive look into David's from-the-set notebooks. Here, he discusses his thoughts on Team Drew's first challenge.

The Finished Product

The updated tile fireplace added both design appeal and hard value to this home.

More Tile Help

When Brett decided to add extra value with a mosaic tile bath surround, David came to the rescue with another remodeling assist. The tile was one of the features that helped Team Drew clinch their first win.

David's Second Challenge Task

The dated tile vanity and shower kept this bathroom stuck in the last century. In the weekend warrior challenge, David chose quick, smart fixes to bring this bathroom up-to-date.

David's Bathroom Makeover

A few small updates — like a new glass tile floor and a brand new commode — make this dated room feel wholly modern.

Another Bang-Up Tile Job

David replaced the shower's damaged floor with new glass tile for just $120.

Smart Spending

David spent $1,150 on the modern double vanity, an investment guest appraiser Kennon Earl thinks was well worth it. "I'm in love with this whole vanity and sink," Kennon says. After a $1,815 investment, David's bath improvements earned $5,000 in added value.

Repurposing 101

David moved the mirror originally in the master bathroom into one of the home's other bathrooms. The space got a new look — for free!

David's Challenge Three Task

This dated fireplace didn't make an impact in the home's living room, and the room's basic beige paint didn't make a strong first impression.

Workmanship Counts

With four days to complete the challenge, David focuses on bringing quality (and value) to the room.

Inside David's Notebook: Fireplace Sketch

David ditched the boring beige for a trendy, warm gray hue. And he opts to build out the fireplace box to make the hearth look more substantial.

The Finished Fireplace

Multiple shades of gray call attention to the room's moldings, while white trim serves as an eye-catching accent.

Inside David's Notebook: Around the Fireplace

Moving the TV atop the fireplace keeps there from being competing focal points in the room. Updated sconces finish the polished look.

A Great First Impression

Guest appraiser and Love It or List It real estate expert David Visentin loves this put-together space. "As a Realtor I know that the room you walk into is extremely important. It really does set the tone," he says.

Floor Plan: Furniture Layout

He also wanted to improve the room's flow. There's no better way to do that than putting the ideas on paper.

David's Smart Spending

David spent $5,827 updating this space with new paint, moldings and furniture. He added $15,400 in value.

Designing the Details

"You've managed, with your moldings, to absolutely maximize the height here. Stunning! " says Love It or List It designer and guest appraiser Hilary Farr.

David's Episode 5 Task: More Tile

In every challenge, David has installed tile because he's the only one on his team that knows how to. "I feel my teammates are using me as a general contractor, but I put that all past me because I know what I can do and my general abilities," he says.

The Entryway, Before

Dated tile and a drab color scheme made a dull first impression in the home's old entryway.

The Entryway, After

The team immediately replaces the Spanish tile with rich hardwood floors that stretch throughout the bedroom, entryway and living room.

Team Drew: Bathroom, Before

Before the contractor tore up the room, the bathroom simply featured a mismatched color scheme and outdated tile.

Inside David's Notebook: Bathroom To-Dos

David was busy, busy, busy finishing the details of the bathroom, and it paid off during the home's appraisal.

The Bathroom, After

The team invested $7,234 in the bathroom remodel, including shower tile, double sinks and floor tiles. The return? An added value of $15,000.

Modern Bathroom Sinks

Double sinks (one on each side of the door) are a major plus for the small bathroom and were on the homeowners' must-have list for the remodel.

The Bathroom Door, After

A frosted glass sliding door at the bathroom's entrance adds a touch of modernity to the space and saves precious square footage.

The Final Challenge

Drew counsels David and Brett outside their identical property at the start of the challenge. David decides to take on the home's living room, while Brett will focus on the kitchen.

The Entryway, Before

Multiple flooring types — including tile, vinyl sheeting and laminate wood — created a disjointed look in the home's entryway.

The Entryway, After

David spent $4,000 of the team's budget to replace all of the open room's flooring with the same wood laminate featured in the kitchen, creating flow from room to room.

Dull and Boring Beginnings

Before, this living room was practically devoid of color, and the mismatched furnishings didn't take advantage of its high ceilings.

The Finished Living Room

David moved the room's electric fireplace to a custom-built modern box, shifting the focus to the center of the rooom.

David's Fabulous Feature Wall

David spent $800 of the team's budget creating the purple-paneled feature wall, firplace surround and updated mantel.

The Final Moments

After Team Drew added more value to their home in the final challenge (a whopping $75,000!), it was down to two competitors: David and Brett.

Congratulations, David!

David's consistently good design choices and construction know-how made Drew name him the first Brother Vs. Brother winner. Hear David's take on his winning moment.

The Brothers Toast the Winner

Cheers from Jonathan, Drew and the whole HGTV family!

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