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Brother Vs. Brother, San Francisco: The Battle of the Main Suites

It's Round 3 in the Scott Brothers' San Francisco showdown, and the subject is main suites. Guest judges Bristol and Aubrey Marunde of HGTV's Flip or Flop Vegas choose between Jonathan's lavish (and risky) renovation and Drew's streamlined transformation that makes the most of a small space. The stakes: the loser gets to spend some time at Alcatraz — locked in solitary.

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Photo: Gilles Mingasson

Tie Breakers

As Round 3 in this Brother Vs. Brother challenge gets underway, the score is tied — with the living room challenge having gone to Drew and Jonathan having won the kitchen competition.

Bristol and Aubrey Marunde, hosts of Flip or Flop Las Vegas, are on hand to pick a winner in the battle of the main suites. "Aubrey and Bristol are experts when it comes to flipping houses," said Jonathan. "They flip houses in Las Vegas and I love the fact that they're here to judge our main suites."

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Photo: Gilles Mingasson/Verbatim Photo Agency

Prep Work

Drew visits San Francisco's Fireclay Tile to select a specialized tile that he hopes will give him the edge in the creation of a winning main bath.

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Photo: Gilles Mingasson

Tile Strategist

For his main bath, Drew went with a modified hex floor tile in peacock blue to help create a visually striking design. "Jonathan always tries to one-up me with tile," says Drew, "but this time I think I've got him beat."

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Photo: Gilles Mingasson

Drew's Canyon House

Main Bedroom, Before. Structural constraints prevented Drew from adding square footage to his bedroom suite, but his plan calls for making more efficient use of the existing space.

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