All American Handyman Season 3: Meet the Cast

Get to know the 10 handy men and women competing for the ultimate prize of a $10,000 Sears shopping spree, an HGTV development deal and the title of All American Handyman .

The Contestants

Watch as some of the country's most talented handymen and handywomen test their skills each week through a series of challenges, ranging from repair work to full construction builds.

The Host and Judges

Join host Anitra Mecadon as she guides contestants through each challenge. Then industry experts Mike Holmes and Scott McGillivray will judge each finished project to determine who stays and who goes home.

Carol Webster

Carol developed her handy skills by helping her parents flip houses as a child, inspiring her to earn a certificate in architecture. Learn more about Carol.

Chris Leslie

While shadowing his father on job sites, Chris became his mother's handyman from an early age and even built her a standalone garage. Learn more about Chris.

Christopher Topp

A self-taught handyman, Christopher learned the most about construction while renovating his family's home in Colorado. Learn more about Christopher.

Julia Crawford

A construction enthusiast since childhood, Julia was finally able to test her skills while she remodeled her first home. Learn more about Julia.

Michael West

Michael picked up his handy skills as a teen and currently does full-time maintenance work for a school and church facility. Learn more about Michael.

Paul Steiner

Paul developed a passion for carpentry while working at his uncle's lumberyard and has even converted his garage into a cabinet workshop. Learn more about Paul.

Rodney Boyden

Rodney had his first woodworking lesson from a friend just 10 years ago; now he's a self-employed carpenter and designer. Learn more about Rodney.

Scott Clark

In addition to being a handyman, Scott is pursuing a degree in criminal justice and does automotive work in his spare time. Learn more about Scott.

Scott Heeres

For Scott, being a handyman is a family tradition. He's currently a part-time carpenter and enjoys updating homes, including his own. Learn more about Scott.

Sonne Shields

Sonne developed a passion for construction after working on a cruise ship in Hawaii, inspiring her to receive a certificate in carpentry. Learn more about Sonne.

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