Lance Bass Tours the Newly Renovated 'Brady Bunch' House

Lance Bass -- N'SYNC singer and Brady uberfan -- got to live out one of his long-time dreams when he and husband Michael Turchin got to take a self-guided tour of the 'Brady Bunch' house, freshly restored by HGTV to match the original interiors seen in the classic TV series.

September 16, 2019
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On Hallowed Ground

Lance Bass (right) — one-time N'SYNC heartthrob, now actor, TV producer and self-professed Brady Bunch superfan — came "this close" to being the owner of the famous Brady house when it went up for sale in 2018. Though he lost out on the bid, he doesn't harbor ill will for the new owners, HGTV. "I was afraid of someone getting this house and knocking it down," he says. "I'm glad HGTV did the right thing."

Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming

Lance and husband Michael Turchin walk through that very familiar front entry at the Brady home, getting their first glimpse at the completed restoration. "This is one of the happiest days of my life," said Lance.

Just Kickin' Back in Mike's Den

Lance and Michael got to wander from room to room and try out some of the period-correct furnishings, like the brown tweed love seat in Mike's den. Both Michael and Lance were wowed by the meticulous accuracy throughout the renovation. "It's so real," observed Lance, "that it looks fake." 

An Archetypal Boys' Room

Photo ops are in abundance throughout the newly restored rooms, like like this one in the second-floor boys' bedroom. "I think this Brady renovation," says Lance, "is going to lead to a lot of people embracing the '70s look again."

Those Celebrated Stairs

... And of course no visit to the Brady house would be complete without a photo on this famous stair. And there are more pics on the way. Check back to see additional photos added as new episodes of A Very Brady Renovation premiere. And keep checking back at for more new photo galleries, exclusive video and Brady updates.

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