A Very Brady Scavenger Hunt, Phase 2: The Hunt Continues

The quest continues to find 'Brady Bunch' era artifacts and furnishings like those from the original TV series. It's all part of HGTV's restoration of the Brady house to its original '70s glory. If you have items just like the ones seen in these shots from the original series, and would be willing to contribute them to be part of our restoration, send us pics and info at BradyBunchCrowdsourcing@gmail.com or via #verybradyreno. Your Brady-era artifact could be a part of A Very Brady Renovation ! (Check out items from Phase 1 of our quest here.)

The Mirror

As seen in the Brady's master bedroom

Octagonal End Table

From the Brady living room

Decorative Wall Mirror

In the living room, near the staircase


In the living room, near the staircase

Table Lamp

Alice's bedroom

Ceramic Cat Sculpture

From the family room

Vintage TV

From the family room

Spaghetti Poodle Figurine

Patio Furniture

Stuffed-Toy Poodle

From the girls' room


From the master bedroom

Toy Racecar

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