12 Smart Products That Will Transform Your Bedroom and Help You Sleep Better

From weighted blankets to silk pillowcases to high-tech sleep trackers, our product picks will elevate your sleep space and help you catch more z's.

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July 01, 2019

Cooling Weighted Blanket

Unwind and decompress after a long, stressful day at the office with this revolutionary weighted blanket design. The high-quality blanket design uses an inner shell that comes in three weights to provide you a therapeutic sense of security while asleep. The sleek duvet cover is crafted from faux Tencel material to give a cooling effect to the body and ensure maximum comfort throughout the night.

Buy It: Gravity Blankets, $210 (Originally $259)

Anti-Snore + Teeth Grinding Device

No one likes elbowing their sleeping (read: snoring) partners throughout the night. Give them a gift that keeps on giving with this unique, anti-snoring and anti-teeth grinding armband monitor. The wearable device vibrates with each snore to nudge the culprit awake to roll over and stop snoring. Best part? The device connects to a free smartphone app to track snoring and detect incidences of teeth grinding.

Buy It: Sharper Image, $129.99

Soothing Sound Pillow

Cut out all the background noise and slip into a deep, sound sleep with this super-smart pillow. The plush, hypoallergenic design features built-in Intrasound Technology that allows you to pair your pillow with your smartphone via Bluetooth technology and play your favorite soothing playlist.

Buy It: Sharper Image, $160

Sleep Improvement Monitor

Sometimes working towards a better sleep schedule is easier said than done. Achieve your wellness goals by using this high-tech monitor to track your sleep patterns. The multi-faceted monitor provides you with personalized reports, catalogs a sleep history and allows users to set custom goals. Plus, each monitor comes with a built-in smart alarm and makes a note of the temperature, light level and sound in your bedroom each night.

Buy It: Williams Sonoma, $149.00

Infrared Heating Pad

Ease your aches and melt away your stress with this unique infrared heating pad. Unlike traditional heating pads, this design comes with innovative technology that ensures the pad never becomes too hot to the touch. Instead, it uses deep penetrating FIR rays to ease away any bone and muscle discomfort below the surface.

Buy It: Sharper Image, $149.99

Soothing Stone Diffuser

Set the tone for restful sleep with a soothing stone essential oil diffuser. This sleek design is handcrafted from ceramic and uses ultrasonic technology to diffuse custom essential oil aromas into your home without using heat. Choose between a modern white, matte black or rosy blush diffuser to best complement your bedroom color palette and design.

Buy It: Sephora, $119.00

Camouflaged Television

Out of sight, out of mind. Encourage yourself to turn off technology and the television with this stealthy design. We're obsessed with The Frame because it allows users to transition from live TV to beautiful wall art in seconds. Its art mode promotes healthier sleeping habits because it effectively removes the temptation to aimlessly scroll through channels or binge-watch Netflix until the wee hours of the morning.

Buy It: Samsung, $999.99-$2,199.99 (Originally $1,299-$2,799.99)

Silk Pillowcase

Treat yourself to better hair and skin with this one, indulgent accessory. The Silk pillowcase has a cult following for a good reason. Its sleek silk design minimizes facial friction for age-defying beauty sleep and reduces your beautiful blowout from frizzing in one fell swoop.

Buy It: Shopbop, $85.00

Vibrating Wrist Alarm

If you and your bedmate are on different morning schedules, put this vibrating wrist alarm clock at the top of your wish list. The ingenious design is worn through the night and will vibrate and shake the user's wrist to wake them. We love this device because it eliminates the risk of prematurely waking your partner when starting your day. Not sure if the vibrating will be enough to lull you from your sleep? The device is equipped with an optional sound alarm that ensures you will start your day off at the right time, every time.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $19.95

Portable Projector

Create a dreamy home theater experience in your bedroom using an empty wall (or ceiling) and this portable projector. The wireless gadget is compatible with Bluetooth, holds a charge for five hours and projects images up to 12 feet wide.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $399.00

Sunrise + Sunset Alarm Clock

Mornings are hard, but this savvy alarm clock makes it a little bit easier to ease into the day. The high-tech clock imitates natural morning sunlight by slowing increasing the light in your room. Each clock also comes with a decreasing light feature that mimics sunsets and is said to promote restful and natural sleep.

Buy It: Walmart, $182.99

Cooling Memory Foam Mattress

The only thing better than the cool side of a pillow? This cooling mattress. The luxurious mattress is designed with cooling gel memory foam that hugs each curve of your body for customized comfort. Each mattress is certified to exceed standards for cleaner air and crafted free from any harmful toxins or chemicals.

Buy It: Williams Sonoma, $799-$949