Comfort Food Kitchen Accessories You Don't Need But Will Definitely Want

Make brownies, doughnuts, hot chocolate and even bacon bowls with these kitchen gadgets for major comfort food lovers.

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June 03, 2019

Solid Wood Pasta Cutter

Once you taste fresh, homemade pasta, there's no going back. This beautifully-crafted, hand-turned walnut wood pasta cutter helps you create gorgeous pasta ribbons at home. Your noodles will be 3/8-inch thick, and after rolling them out, they'll be ready to drop into a salty pot of boiling water. Marinara, carbonara, pesto — dress them up however you'd like.

Buy It: Food52, $40.00

Hong Kong Egg Waffle Puff Pan

Bubble waffles are a favorite street snack in Hong Kong, and maybe now in your house, too. Made from cast aluminum, this unique waffle pan is sturdy enough to make adorable puffed waffle deliciousness for your whole family. If brunch is just as important to you as comfort food, this waffle iron is a real must-have.

Buy It: Food52, $60.00

Mini Brownie Pan

This silicone pan makes up to 24 brownies at a time, but each brownie is bite-sized. If you really can't control yourself, freeze most of the brownies and leave just a few out.

Buy It: Sur La Table, $15.00

Le Creuset Flower Cocotte

Make all of your hearty side dishes in this Le Creuset cast-iron casserole pot. The lovely lavender color and adorable flower-inspired shape make this pot pretty enough to display on your dinner table. A heavy lid helps to lock in all the moisture of your dish, and a glazed interior means there's no staining or scratching.

Buy It: Sur La Table, $199.96 (Sugg. $234.95)

Doughnut Pan

You can bake up to six donuts in this non-stick pan, making them a bit healthier than their fried counterparts. Use this pan for baking classic plain doughnuts, or amp things up with toppings like frosting, sprinkles or candy pieces.

Buy It: Sur La Table

Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker

This ice cream maker is the perfect mix of old school and new school. Load up the aluminum canister with ice cream ingredients, place it in the wood bucket, cover with ice and salt and voila! The electric motor takes over, so there's no manual churning, and you can customize your flavors with fun mix-ins like cookie dough, candy or fruit.

Buy It: Macy's, Sale: $59.99

Glass Popcorn Popper + Butter Warmer

Ditch all the chemicals and preservatives in microwavable popcorn bags for this sleek, glass popcorn maker. With a heat-resistant silicone handle, you can put this baby right into your microwave for some crunchy homemade popcorn. It also comes with a small, glass butter warmer, because popcorn without butter is a crime.

Buy It: Food52, $30.00

Hot Chocolate Maker + Frother

This handy tool will help you get frothy with it! Use it to froth up milk for homemade frappuccinos, iced lattes or other coffee drinks. But our favorite way to use this guy is to make homemade hot chocolate. Add some rich chocolate syrup or crunchy chocolate chips to make your hot chocolate extra decadent.

Buy It: Crate & Barrel, $79.99 (Sugg. $120.00)

Ceramic Bacon Bowl

Use this tool to help make delicious bacon bowls, which you can fill up with all sorts of delicious things like guacamole, grilled veggies or cauliflower mac and cheese. These are also fantastic for breakfast to hold scrambled eggs.

Buy It: Sur La Table, $17.99 (Sugg. $29.95)

Three-Tier Oven Companion

If you're already a hardcore comfort foodie, then it might be time to bring out the big guns. This handy contraption gives you a big dose of extra space in your oven so you'll have plenty of room to bake up all your favorite side dishes. This is also great to have if you're the designated family member who cooks for all the holiday events.

Buy It: Hayneedle, $22.98

Bread Cloche

If baking artisanal bread is high up on your to-do list, then this clever bread cloche is just what you need. Mimicking the shape of a traditional bread oven, this ceramic cloche ensures that your bread retains the right amount of humidity while baking. Each sturdy cloche is handmade by artisans and will easily last through all your future holidays, brunches and family get-togethers.

Buy It: Sur La Table, $129.95

Butter Curler

This fun tool will help you create your own flowers, curls and orbs with ease. If #brunchsohard is your motto, then this tool is a must-have for your kitchen.

Buy It: Food52, $26.00