The Best Products for People Who Have Trouble Sleeping

If you're somebody who can't fall asleep easily, here are our favorite finds to help soothe you into dreamland — including the best cooling mattress from Serta we've ever tried.

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December 09, 2021

If you have trouble sleeping, you know how frustrating it can be — and how valuable products that help you fall asleep (and stay asleep) truly are. The best kinds of products for falling asleep easily are those that tackle more than one problem: we love cooling products for those who get hot while they sleep and comfortable products that help soothe worry and keep you cozy. Our favorites include everything from a sleep spray that contains essential oils (it's pure magic on your pillow and sheets!) to the Serta Arctic Mattress that is almost guaranteed to give you the best sleep you've ever had. Seriously! So, if you're looking for ways to fall asleep better, here are some of our top picks.

Do you want cool, comfortable sleep? Of course you do — and trust us when we tell you that this is the mattress that goes above and beyond to deliver both. If being hot at night prevents you from getting the rest you need, the most essential change is to sleep on a mattress that will keep you cool all night long. We’re talking game-changing, life-changing sleep — and that’s what you’ll get with the Serta Arctic Premier Firm Foam Mattress. This is a great buy, and is worth every penny to anyone who keeps tossing and turning from being hot and uncomfortable. The three-layer Reactex system — exclusive to Serta — pulls the heat away from your body and into the mattress, which means it’s up to 15 times cooler than what you’re used to sleeping on. The premier foam doesn’t just keep you cool, though: it’s the comfort that makes this the absolute best cooling mattress you can buy. The memory foam contorts to your body for steady, enveloping support that is unique to your body. Seriously, this is the mattress that will literally change how you sleep for the better. No more uncomfortable, long nights — it’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before, and it even comes with a 120-day in-home trial.
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Note: The 15x benefit exists while the phase change material is active. Results based on the difference in heat absorbed by Serta Arctic and Serta Perfect Sleeper Luminous Sleep mattresses while the phase change material is active.

Lighting a candle before bed is one of the easiest ways to create a relaxing, calming environment that will help curate a restful environment. Otherland candles are some of the best, most beautiful candles with a unique catalog of scents and an alluring throw that won’t overwhelm you. Our favorite to light an hour before we head to sleep is this Moonstruck Candle, with white mahogany, sweet myrrh and smoked birch. These are also quality candles, made with a 100-percent cotton wick and a blend of coconut and soy wax that is paraben-free and contains no synthetic dyes.

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It doesn’t matter if you have a sound machine at home or haven’t used one before — if you haven’t tried this one from Tuft & Needle, you’re missing out. It’s beautiful, easy to use and provides the perfect amount of ambient white noise to drown all the things that keep you up at night, from barking dogs to traffic noise. Its consistent sound has no loops, and the energy-efficient device even comes with an optional app that allows you to set timers and more. One reviewer puts it this way: “This is the absolute best sound machine I’ve ever owned.”

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Spritz this mist on your pillow before going to bed and the blend of lavender, chamomile and vetiver will ease your mind. Take deep breaths as you lay in order to get the full effect, which will be an excellent way to relax and head into dreamland. This is one product that will make a great gift for others, too — because once you try it out, you’ll swear by it.

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A weighted eye mask will do two things, both in the spirit of helping you fall asleep and stay asleep: it blocks out any light and it adds a gentle pressure that helps lull you to sleep. The four pods of equal weight will help with migraines or headaches, soothe anxiety and relax you with compression. This adjustable microfiber version also has another bonus: reviewers say it helps to block out sound, too.

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This stone diffuser was an HGTV-editor pick for the best high-end diffuser because it’s gorgeous, quiet and it works. Here’s what we said about it after testing it out: “The Vitruvi Stone Diffuser is hands down the best-looking ultrasonic essential diffuser we've tried, and the sleek aesthetic is what sets it apart from other picks.” Set it for intermittent mist and it will last all night, but we think it’s best to set it for a few hours before heading to sleep so you can create a peaceful environment well before the lights go out. Use it with their famous sleep oil, which is a blend of lavender, ylang-ylang, Roman chamomile and other 100-percent pure essential oils to enhance the experience even further. If you are someone who has had trouble sleeping because of worry, this will create a true sense of calm.

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This cozy sleepwear is like your favorite old t-shirt but even more cooling and comfortable. The v-neck and short length (while still hanging longer than a shirt) will keep you breezy no matter the temperature, and the light fabric will keep it from clinging to you, raising your temperature throughout the night. It comes in XS to XXL, which accommodates up to size 22.

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A silk pillowcase is a great investment for anyone who has trouble sleeping — its cooling properties and smooth surface are perfect for a good night's rest. It also protects hair and skin from breakage or breakouts due to tossing and turning. Silk fibers are less absorbent than other types of fibers, so they will keep you from sweating and will help those face creams or hair masks stay on, too.

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