This $23 Mini Fan From Amazon Is a Must-Have for Summer

Have your coolest summer ever with this personal fan that goes everywhere you do.

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June 28, 2021

Summer in the South is no joke. Even with the AC blasting in my car on the short ride home from school, my kids' faces are still flushed. While I'm firmly in the "Summer Is the Best Season" camp, even I can't deny that the heat is at times ... excessive. So, when I say that purchasing this clip fan changed my life, it's no exaggeration.

I love to take walks in our neighborhood and at the park, but last summer, I had a newborn and therefore, needed to take extra precautions to keep him (and my older son, a toddler) cool and comfortable. I'd seen some Instagram moms touting praise for this rather creepy stroller fan. I almost clicked "Add to Cart" when I realized that it wouldn't work with my stroller.

I don't have a snack tray or cross-bar on the front of my stroller, so the only place for me to attach it would've been the handle, which wouldn't help my kids much. Then, I came across this much sturdier-looking clip fan which was more versatile than the Octopus fan, and, more importantly, was compatible with my stroller's design.

Girl sleeping in car under fan

Mini Clip Fan Inside Car

Hang a mini clip fan on the hanger hook of the car to keep it cool while you sleep.

Photo by: Cassidy Garcia

Cassidy Garcia

Since purchasing, my family has used this rechargeable, battery-powered portable fan on a summer camping trip in our tent, clipped onto the pull-down ceiling handles in our car, under a beach tent and at the playground when the kids need a break from the sun.

Don't expect to be "blown away" by the wind speed of this little guy. It didn't feel like sleeping under a ceiling fan when we used it in the tent, but it did help recirculate the air and make it not feel so stagnant. Although, I was impressed by the cross breeze it created in the car. Powering up the clip fan for especially hot days really helps cool down a stuffy back seat.

All the Ways to Use a Portable Clip Fan:

  • On a stroller
  • In the car
  • In a tent
  • At the beach
  • At the pool
  • At a theme park
  • On a picnic
  • Clipped onto your headboard
  • At your desk
  • At the gym

Among my favorite features are the three different speed settings, the whisper-quiet hum and surprisingly long battery life. You can also tilt and turn the fan in every direction to get the best breeze.

I'm not sure how much more I need to say to convince you to buy this, but basically, if you do anything outside of your home in the summer, you need this fan.

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