10 Best Items Under $50 for Stress Relief and Self-Care

Give yourself the pampering you deserve by creating an enviable at-home spa experience.

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April 10, 2020

We could all use some extra self-care right now. Fortunately, it is possible to take care of ourselves and relieve stress without paying a visit to a pricey day spa or massage studio. The same results are often achievable at home thanks to facial steamers, foot spas and face masks. Get ready to feel relaxed, refreshed and hydrated like never before.


Breathe in, breathe out. Close your eyes as this aromatherapy diffuser mists calming scents into the air, moisturizing your skin and improving your mood. Thanks to an extra-large water reservoir, this diffuser can pump your favorite relaxing scents into the air for up to 16 hours. Increase the mist output of the diffuser to enable this easy-to-use device to humidify dry air in your home, too.

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Essential for any at-home wellness routine, a regular yoga practice will keep you centered and limber. Whether you practice first thing in the morning, midday for a stretch break or before bed, all that matters is that you move your body. This mat's uplifting message will remind you to breathe deeply and check in with yourself, too.

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Pleasantly scented with lavender, this neck and shoulder pillow helps ease tension and relieve stress. The flaxseed insert can be removed while the pillow heats in the microwave to relax tired, tight muscles. It's the perfect antidote to a day of desk work, cooking, cleaning and caregiving.

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What better way to treat dull, tired skin than with a nourishing facial treatment? This face mask set comes with a scrub, toner and sheet mask for an all-in-one at-home facial. Plus, it's made from all-natural and botanical ingredients. Hello, glow!

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Let your worries slowly drift away, if only for a few minutes, as you allow your tootsies to luxuriate in this bubbling waterfall foot spa. Vibrating foot rollers gently massage your feet as the warm water makes it easy to relax at the end of the day. Three attachments, including pumice stone, soft massager and scrub brush, pamper your feet with even more of the care they so richly deserve.

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Your skin will feel supple and dewy after only a few relaxing minutes spent under this facial steamer's warm mist. Add rejuvenating steam to your skincare routine to hydrate your skin and even make it easier to apply makeup. Seasonal allergy sufferers will benefit, too, as the warm steam helps alleviate sinus pressure.

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These ultra-cozy slides will transport you (if only in your mind) to a full-service spa for a day of relaxing self-care. A memory foam padded footbed provides a soft landing for tired feet to slip into after an indulgent bath or long day at work.

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Light a few scented candles, pour a glass of wine, then drop a handmade bath bomb into a steaming hot tub. (Not into baths? Try these shower bombs, instead.) Each of the 12 bath bombs fizz and foam in your tub letting off relaxing scents, like lavender, rose or eucalyptus. Whether you choose an assortment of scents or a collection of one, each bomb is made from natural ingredients.

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Give dry brushing a try with this all-natural massage brush. Smoothe and soften your skin as you brush in circular motions upward from toes to neck. Dry brushing helps ciruclation which reduces the appearance of cellulite. Your skin will radiate as layers of dead skin cells are sloughed off with each use.

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With everyone relying on video calls to stay connected, now is not the time to slack on oral care. This at-home teeth whitening kit uses LED light and teeth whitening gel to amp up your smile. Better than whitening strips, this kit uses five powerful LED lights to transform your smile in just 30 minutes a day. Your friends and fam will certainly notice a difference during your next video chat.

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