10 Buys to Dress Up Your Dorm Room

Snag these pretty picks from our dorm shopping list, and make your dorm room feel way more luxurious than it actually is.

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July 26, 2019

Acrylic Coffee Table

An acrylic coffee table is destined to become the MVP of your dorm design. You’ll treasure the table because it offers ample space to study and/or slurp on a nice cup o’ ramen from the futon. The best part? The transparent acrylic offers invaluable function, without adding any visual clutter or bulkiness to your petite pad.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $429.00

Wall Tapestry

Tapestries are a great way to add warmth to cold, bland beige dorm walls. They’re also a great headboard hack for dorm beds. We love this lunar phase textured tapestry from Urban Outfitters.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $39.00

Neon Light

Add some personality to your new space with a neon sign. Style it with posters and polaroids to create a custom gallery art wall.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $69.00

Acrylic Calendar

Never miss a test day, homework deadline or party again with this wall calendar. Instead of a basic white erase board, this calendar features chic acrylic that will make your bland, dorm-issued desk feel super fancy.

Buy It: Amazon, $45.50

Toiletry Tower

Never underestimate the power of designating storage space for your belongings, especially in a small space. Reduce the clutter with this tiered storage unit (with a bonus spot for TP!) for your ever-growing collection of beauty products and toiletries. The light birch wood will give your dorm bathroom a luxe spa vibe.

Buy It: Ikea, $49.99

Watercolor Tote

Dorm living entails more moving and grooving with your possessions than one might expect. Whether you’re headed down to the basement to do laundry, or you’re running across campus for party-primping with your pals, you’ll always appreciate having a few tote baskets on hand to hold all your goods. Go ahead and spring for the ultra-pretty watercolor ones; we know you’ll use ‘em.

Buy It: Anthropologie, $38.00-$68.00

Velvet Desk Chair

Scoot that sad, university-provided chair into a corner far, far away. Replace it with this posh roller. We’d love to hit the books and get down to business from the comfort of this seat. And the blue velvet? Swoon.

Buy It: World Market, $219.99

Chic Sofa

Why buy a sad, lumpy futon when you could spend your money on this pretty, polished IKEA sleeper sofa instead?

Buy It: Ikea, $199.00

Wire Wall Organizer

Keep your desk surface clutter-free with this wall organizer. The chic rose gold frame adds a touch of glam to ho-hum dorm walls.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $129.00

Organized Entry

Keep your new, chaotic college lifestyle at bay with some good old-fashioned organization. This light wood catch-all entry station proves function can (and should!) be fashionable. Plus, you’re bound to win over brownie points with the new roomie(s) with this one.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $79.00