Meaningful Wedding Anniversary Gifts Based on Tradition

Celebrate your journey together with our picks based on traditional wedding anniversary gift ideas.

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August 26, 2019

1st Wedding Anniversary: Paper

Paper may not sound like much, but its traditional symbolism is positively swoon-worthy. This humble material signifies a blank page and the celebration of completing the first chapter of married life together. Play into the romantic tradition and wow your spouse with a custom charcoal portrait inspired by one of their favorite wedding photos. This artist sketches each portrait by hand on fine art paper and works closely with clients to create likeness and add subtle, sentimental details to each piece.

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2nd Wedding Anniversary: Cotton

Cotton serves as tradition's go-to gift for second wedding anniversaries because it's said to symbolize the adaptability, comfort and strength necessary in marriage. Celebrate your second year of marriage with a pair of embroidered monogram cotton robes and a relaxing weekend getaway to a spa retreat. These sophisticated robes are perfect for lounging around the room and feature a soft, waffle-weave cotton material, full sleeves and handy pockets. Customize the set with your respective monograms in your choice of 24 unique thread hues.

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3rd Wedding Anniversary: Leather

Couples have long celebrated their third year of wedded bliss by exchanging gifts made from leather. Historically, leather serves as a romantic representation of the security, durability and warmth within a marriage. Observe the tradition and gift your spouse a personalized leather tray for their desk or bedside table. It comes in five gorgeous hues, three different sizes and your choice of 12 laser-engraved monogram styles.

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4th Wedding Anniversary: Flowers

Fourth anniversaries are marked with gifts of flowers or fruit to represent the growth and blossoming and nurturing love within the marriage. Use your fourth anniversary as an excuse to sweep your spouse off their feet with a custom watercolor painting of their wedding day bouquet. The artist references a high-resolution photo of your beloved's bouquet and works on a professional-grade watercolor paper to produce a high-quality piece you'll cherish forever. Do you really want to knock this anniversary out of the park? Work with a local florist to recreate the bouquet as a fresh arrangement to gift alongside the custom watercolor painting.

Buy It: Etsy, $95-$175

5th Wedding Anniversary: Wood

Wood is considered a symbol of strength and solidity and represents a sturdy foundation of love for married life. Celebrate your unwavering love on your fifth anniversary with a special wooden gift like this custom corn-hole set. The set comes with two birch corn-hole boards with a custom monogram, striped borders and durable folding legs that provide stability throughout the game regardless of the weather or location. Use the set throughout the years to create joyful memories together, and let it serve as a reminder that your marriage is solid and steady no matter where you are.

Buy It: Mark and Graham, $399.00

6th Wedding Anniversary: Candy

Celebrate your sixth wedding anniversary with a sugar rush. Tradition calls for candy on sixth anniversaries because it represents the sweetness marriage brings to your lives. Pair the tasty treats with reservations at a fancy, new restaurant, followed by an indulgent night on the town. Are you looking for something more low-key? Spend a Saturday afternoon polishing-up your baking skills and laughing with each other while participating in a local cake decorating class.

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7th Wedding Anniversary: Copper

Skip the dreaded seven-year itch and celebrate your marriage with a copper anniversary gift. Not only is the rosy metal gorgeous, but it also serves as a traditional symbol of good fortune and lasting prosperity in marriage. Show your partner how fortunate you feel to share your life with them by gifting them this gorgeous copper mug complete with an engraved monogram or surname initial. Pair the timeless vessel with a glossy-covered cocktail book and an intimate, well-planned date night that ends on a rooftop bar.

Buy It: Mark and Graham, $25-$35

8th Wedding Anniversary: Bronze

After eight years, it's clear: you're better together. Tradition marks the eighth wedding anniversary with a bronze gift because it's made from copper and tin and symbolizes the strength that comes when two become one. Snag this bronze bracelet for your beloved to show them the strength of your partnership. Customize the modern cuff with dainty roman numerals to represent your wedding date.

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9th Wedding Anniversary: Pottery

Tradition calls for a pottery or willow gift on your ninth wedding anniversary because they symbolize the importance of flexibility and adaptability. And, after nine years of marriage, you know that compromise is everything. Show your spouse some love with this pretty pottery tray to celebrate nine years of flexibility and growth together. The airy earthenware tray includes an elegant, engraved monogram and a beautiful wedding date display.

Buy It: Etsy, $89.99-$165

10th Wedding Anniversary: Tin

Ten years of marriage is a real milestone and should be celebrated accordingly. Tradition turns to tin to celebrate 10 years because the flexible metal symbolizes durability and protection. This tin and wood wall art is a foolproof find for your 10-year anniversary because it lets your partner know that you'd still choose them after all these years. Add even more meaning to this gift by pairing the gorgeous sign with a hand-written letter that outlines your most cherished memories from the last decade of your marriage.

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11th Wedding Anniversary: Steel

Celebrate the strength of your bond with a steel gift on your eleventh wedding anniversary. Commission a custom skyline sign to represent the location of the home you've created together as a married couple. The sleek sign is available in a powder-coated black or gray finish and will bring style and sentiment to any blank wall in your home.

Buy It: Etsy, $60.00

12th Wedding Anniversary: Silk

Show your love how special they are with a traditional silk gift on your twelfth anniversary. Silk is a delicate fabric widely considered as a luxurious material. This dreamy silk eye mask and neck wrap set will bring a touch of luxury and decadence to your partner's everyday life. Pair the silky set with airplane tickets to a dreamy getaway or reservations at a local hotel for a romantic staycation.

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13th Wedding Anniversary: Lace

Look to lace as your muse for a thirteenth wedding anniversary gift. Lace is a traditional symbol for patience, dedication and intricate beauty. Skip the tricky lingerie shopping and snag this stunning lace-pressed clay ring dish for your partner. Each dish is offered with an optional glaze and features hand-pressed lace detail with engraved initials and your wedding date.

Buy It: Etsy, $48.32

14th Wedding Anniversary: Ivory

Your fourteenth anniversary is the one year we encourage you to steer clear of the traditional ivory gift. Save the elephants and put your own modern interpretation of this year by using the color ivory as your inspiration. Mark your fourteenth year together with a full set of these high-quality ivory dinner napkins. The gorgeous design features a hemstitched finish and a custom monogram with your choice of font style and thread color.

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15th Wedding Anniversary: Crystal

Tradition calls for you to treat your partner to a crystal gift on your fifteenth wedding anniversary. Crystal is both exquisitely beautiful and delicate – just like your marriage. The sparkling material is meant to inspire couples to handle their marriage with gentleness and attention. This gorgeous decanter and old-fashioned set is crafted from sparkling, hand-cut crystal and will serve as a brilliant reminder of your love from your bar cart for many years to come.

Buy It: Williams Sonoma, $197.95 (Originally $219.90)

16th Wedding Anniversary: Appliance

Mark your marriage's sweet sixteen with an extra-special appliance for your home. This kitchen stand mixer is a wedding registry staple and worth the investment for those who missed the opportunity to add it to their wishlist 16 years ago. The professional mixer is hand-assembled, features several speeds and is available in tons of colors, sizes and finishes. Plus, it looks amazing on your kitchen counter.

Buy It: Williams Sonoma, $504-96-$629.95

20th Wedding Anniversary: China

What better way to celebrate 20 years married than with a material that symbolizes longevity? White china is made from porcelain and is meant to represent lasting love and connection. Mark the momentous occasion with this set of heirloom-quality, monogrammed porcelain dinnerware. The collection features chargers, plates, bowls and teacups with a timeless, hand-painted platinum monogram.

Buy It: Williams Sonoma, $28-$275

25th Wedding Anniversary: Silver

Start your twenty-fifth year of marriage with a silver gift that symbolizes brilliance, beauty and radiance. Surprise your sweetheart with a romantic, professional photoshoot, and invest in classic, silver beaded frames to show off your photos together. Our tip: Purchase several silver frames and add pictures of major milestones shared over your 25 years together. Arrange your memories together on a buffet table or sideboard in your formal dining room.

Buy It: Pottery Barn, $31.50-$47 (Originally $39.50-$59)

30th Wedding Anniversary: Pearl

Pearls are the perfect thirtieth wedding anniversary present because they represent the strength to withstand pressure and passing time. This mother-of-pearl clock is a gorgeous gift to mark 30 years because not only is it ultra-gorgeous, but the clock itself will remind you of the good times spent together in the past, and the loving time you'll spend together in the future.

Buy It: Pottery Barn, $63 (Originally $79)

35th Wedding Anniversary: Coral

Stick to tradition and give your spouse a coral gift to symbolize protection on your thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. This stunning coral sculpture makes a stylish accent for your bookcase or a chic summer centerpiece for your dining table. If you really want to spoil your spouse, then gift them this coral sculpture along with a card that outlines a pre-planned, week-long trip to a tropical location.

Buy It: Williams Sonoma, $74.99-$119.97 (Originally $149-$160

40th Wedding Anniversary: Ruby

Forty years calls for fine jewelry, and not just any stone will do. Tradition calls for rubies because they represent passion and ever-flickering flame within a marriage. Show your partner you're forever in love with this dazzling ruby and diamond ring. Choose between white, yellow or rose gold to best fit their style, and use the ring to jumpstart a collection of stacked rings that you build on for life's special events.

Buy It: Etsy, $370.00

45th Wedding Anniversary: Sapphire

Roll out all the stops for your forty-fifth anniversary with a stunning sapphire gift. Sapphires are a striking blue stone that symbolizes a lasting love and shared affection. Splurge on this designer sapphire and diamond quatrefoil necklace to shower your love with dazzling affection.

Buy It: Nordstrom, $1,250.00

50th Wedding Anniversary: Gold

Fifty years of marriage is dubbed your golden year because gold symbolizes a timeless, classic and treasured love. Mark the occasion with beautiful gold jewelry or this sophisticated, gold-dipped dinnerware set. The gilded details will remind you of your lasting bond, and the timeless dinnerware design will be treasured by family on holidays and milestone events for generations to come.

Buy It: west elm, $28-$279 (Originally $32-$279)

55th Wedding Anniversary: Emerald

Emeralds represent romantic devotion to your partner, and nothing quite spells devotion like 55 years of marriage. Give your partner a token of your forever love with this beautiful emerald and gold necklace. The exquisite details and dreamy green stone will shine with any outfit and will serve as a daily reminder of your commitment and adoration.

Buy It: Etsy, $46.75 (Originally $51.95)

60th Wedding Anniversary: Diamond

It’s true what they say — diamonds are forever. The dazzling stone represents enduring and unbreakable love, and 60 years of marriage represents the very same. Treat your love to this classic set of bezel diamond earrings to represent the two of you and the unconquerable love that brought you to this impressive milestone together.

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