High-Tech Tips for Disasters and Emergencies

It’s always smart to be prepared for sticky situations, and technology can help. Equip yourself with these tools and apps in case of emergencies.

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Carley presents three hi-tech tools that are handy during an emergency.

Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes … not to be macabre, but it’s scary out there! And of course disasters happen when you least expect them (that’s what makes them disastrous!) so it’s tough to feel prepared. Fortunately, aside from having plenty of drinking water and on hand, there are lots of high-tech gadgets that can offer you some comfort and help when disaster strikes.  Have these around and make those unexpected bumps go a bit smoother.

8 Apps for Emergencies

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In an emergency, communication is critical — especially if you need medical assistance, or want to let loved ones know where you are, and that you’re safe and sound. But when cell towers go down, your smartphone turns into a fancy paperweight. An innovative solution from SpareOne saves the day: It’s an emergency cellphone that works on a single AA battery, which means you can store it for years in a glove box or emergency bag in the garage, and it will work when you’re ready to use it. It also doesn’t require a cell plan, so you can use it to call 911 or emergency services, even without a SIM card. And, the help doesn’t quit there: It also has a panic siren and a flashing light that can alert someone nearby that you need help.

Disaster Preparedness: 8 Gadgets You Need

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What about those other devices that connect to the Internet, which could become a lifeline in an emergency? Look up for the solution: The sun can help out, powering a solar battery, which, in turn, can power all your smartphones, tablets or any USB device. It stores enough energy to charge several devices several times, and will even store energy on a cloudy day. It comes with a USB fan and flashlight, ready to help out until those air conditioners and lighting systems kick in again.

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Finding your family members and letting people know that you’re safe is one of the first things you think about doing when disaster strikes. An app called Life360 can help you locate everyone immediately, and chat with them through a special network that isn’t likely to go down. Inside the app, designate a safe meeting place for all family members, and in the event of an emergency, everyone will get customized directions to that place. Then know you’ve got one more level of peace of mind when it comes to disaster preparedness. 

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