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Bring the spa experience to your own home with our favorite gadgets and apps that will transform your bathroom into a mini retreat.

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Use the latest technology to streamline your morning bathroom routine.

You know that feeling when you step into a spa and the soft music, pretty lotions and all-around Zen design just seem to melt your tension? Wouldn't it be nice to start every morning feeling relaxed? Since the bathroom is your first stop and sets your mood for the whole day, it makes sense to optimize that area of your home. Fortunately, you don’t have to remodel the whole place to make it wow-worthy. I've found some great tech that can turn any bathroom into an oasis of serenity to help you start your day off right.

High-Tech Gadgets for Your Bathroom

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Chromatherapy Shower

You’ve heard of aromatherapy. This is color therapy, where LEDs in your tub or shower cycle through the color shades and bathe you in tranquil or invigorating color to balance your energy. Some call it a pseudoscience, but it makes for a showstopping shower or bath.

Photo By: Doreen Le May Madden; Lux Lighting Design

Kohler Shower Speaker

Small, sleek and powerful, these speakers are both water-resistant and high-fidelity, so your music can sound as clean as you feel.

Photo By: Kohler

Bathroom Privacy Glass

You want privacy when you shower, but want to let the light in when you’re doing your makeup. This adhesive film can be cut to fit any window, and when plugged in it makes the glass transparent or opaque, using an app as the remote control.

Steam Shower

An in-home steam room can be the ultimate luxury, with pore-opening moist heat that relaxes the muscles and the mind.

Photo By: Revision, LLC

TOTO Toilet Features

TOTO offer luxurious features such as an automatically opening and closing lid, auto flush, heated seat, “electrolyzed” water to self-clean the bowl, a nightlight, and even a remote control.

Photo By: TOTO

Touch-Free Toilet Flush

No need to touch a handle or button. Wave a hand over DeltaFlushIQ’s sensor to activate it. Unlike in public restrooms, it’s placed so that it won’t flush unless you want it to.

Photo By: Delta

Towel Warming Drawer

A heated drawer like this one makes sure towels are not only organized and out of the way, but perfectly toasty when you need them.

Photo By: Western Premium

Vanity Mirror TV

This slim vanity mirror has a surprise inside: a TV set flush with the glass. There’s still plenty of space for your toothbrush, toothpaste and razors on the inner shelves, and it disappears when you’re not watching.

Photo By: Electric Mirror

Digital Shower Controls

If you were James Bond, this might be your shower: An LED-illuminated digital interface allows you to set and save your shower preferences, from your perfect temperature to your ideal spray intensity, and activate it via remote control. 

TV in Shower

This waterproof TV is seamlessly integrated into a mirror, and features a floating remote. You know you're living the good life when you can shampoo while you watch the morning news. 

Photo By: Eric Perry © 2014, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

First, there's a mirrored vanity with a television inside (It may inspire your kids to brush their teeth longer). Second, you could install a waterproof gadget that can either fill your bathroom with soothing sounds or offer a great soundtrack for singing in the shower. Lastly, install a window privacy treatment that obeys your command — it's opaque when you need it and transparent when you want natural light. They're all guaranteed to perk up your bathroom and your day.

Our Favorite Spa Bathroom Products

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Teak Bath Mat

Your bathroom can have a sauna-like feel with a wooden mat. Teak is mold-resistant and gives the room a clean, Zen look. 

Photo By: Andrew Bramasco

Bluetooth Shower Head

Do you like meditative music while you wash or maybe a bit of heavy metal to get you going? Yes, please! This shower head plays music through a waterproof, Bluetooth-enabled speaker that talks to your nearby phone and comes in various colors.

Photo By: Kohler Co.

Violife Toothbrush

Not only is it more fun to brush with, but using a sonic toothbrush is proven to be significantly more effective than a manual toothbrush. Plus, the vibrations will massage your mouth and help you feel more energized.

Photo By: Violife

Turkish Towel

What could be more spa-like than a hand-loomed towel from Turkey? Called a peshtemal, the fringed towel is traditionally used in Turkish baths, gets softer with every wash and is highly absorbent. 

Photo By: Poketo

Smart Scale

A health-tracking scale is not only beautiful, it measures your body mass, heart rate and even the air quality. Its modern design is visually-appealing, and you can track your progress through the phone app.

Photo By: Withings

Rain Shower Head

Swapping out your ordinary shower head for a large shower head that simulates rainfall can turn your daily rinse into a serene escape. 

Photo By: Bruce Damonte

Towel Warmer Basket

Cozying up in a thick towel is nice — cozying up in a warm, thick towel is luxurious. This basket accommodates two oversized towels and plugs into a standard outlet. Your towels will be toasty and ready when you emerge from the shower, and the auto shut-off feature cools things down.

Photo By: Brookstone

Built-In Bathroom Furniture

Add an area for relaxation in your bathroom with an under-vanity seat to comfortably put makeup on or a teak stool in the shower while you let the water work out the kinks. Design by Karen and Guy Vidal

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Photo By: Suzanne Hayek

Curved Shower Curtain Rod

A curtain rod that bows out gives a feeling of more space in the shower, even if your bathroom is small.

Photo By: © Timothy Krueger Photography

Premium Toilet Seat

Even your toilet can be made special with one of the optimized seats now available — this one has a nightlight, and the lid closes softly. 

Photo By: Kohler Co.

Fill your tub, turn on some soft music and relax. After all, there's a reason it's called a restroom.

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